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 I offer healing sessions



(done remotely Via Phone or Skype)



Please email me directly at if you would like to schedule a healing session in person, and please let me know what days and times frames are good for you and I will be happy to get back to you as soon as I can.


Please see below for RTI students or graduate discount pricing


*Each in person healing session (also) includes a conversation where we will discuss any emotional, spiritual and.or physical problems or issues that you may be experiencing.  

*For the actual healing session, you will lie comfortably on your back on a padded massage table. 

*You remain fully clothed and it is suggested you wear loose, comfortable clothing.  

A session can either be hands-on, where light touch is applied during the session and/or hands-off where hands are held slightly above your body or a combination of the two.



FIRST TIME CLIENTS please plan on reserving 90 minutes

for your first healing session we can adjust the time if less is needed and/or if you are a regular client and you feel you would benefit from some extra time processing.


 To prepare for your healing sessions you will want to be sure you are wearing comfortable clothes. The first part of the session will be talking about where you feel you could use the most support energetically.  The second half of the session will be your actual hands on healing session. which is a very light non invasive touch while you are fully clothed laying on a padded massage table.




In a 1 hour session, we will have about 20 minutes for you to share what is going on with you emotionally, physically and.or spiritually, and then the full spectrum healing session will take about 30 minutes (which will entail balancing, grounding, energizing, charging and restructuring your energy centers and spiritual levels specific to your needs), leaving a few minutes at the end  to bring closure to your session.




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 It is recommended that you book a 90 minutes for your first session



(Same as above plus!) A 90 min session includes a deeper and much broader discussion about what is bringing you in for a session, so you can share what is going on with you emotionally, physically and.or spiritually allowing time for some discussion around your life challenges and your life purpose and the chakras it involves (about 45 minutes) and then the full spectrum healing session will take about 30 minutes (which will entail balancing, grounding, energizing, charging and restructuring your energy centers and spiritual levels specific to your needs) leaving a few minutes at the end to bring closure to your session.


Cash, checks and credit card payment are accepted.


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Please contact me and schedule your session now, as my calendar tends to fill up very fast!

 Thank you!


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Common Benefits of an Energy Healing Session


Although each person's experience is highly individual, and each session builds upon the last, the intention throughout each of your long distance healing sessions will be customized to focus your healing on the level of your physical and emotional bodies, your chakras, your spiritual centers and your unique individual life purpose and Soul levels, and designed with the intention to gently create an opening for you to be able to touch your Soul and reawaken to the power and beauty and the brilliance of YOU.  


The full spectrum healings have been said to feel like a Soul-ful experience with waves of gentle-peaceful energy and love flowing through you and feelings of grace and a deep peace, and  an inner stillness after words.  In the days that follow continuing to experience a feeling of oneness and a softer more open loving heart. 


Energy healing sessions can have a number of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits that can be begin to be experienced in as quickly as one session but not limited to: 


*Energizes cells and tissues to accelerate healing

*Strengthens vital life force/energy and immune system

*Balances organs and glands and their bodily function, clear toxins

*Releases anxiety, tension, stress, emotions and fears

*Clears energetic blocks that limit you from living your life purpose

*Achieve a greater sense of clarity and calmness, sense of inner stillness and peace

*Increases sense of empowerment self love and self-esteem

*Awakens you to your highest levels of awareness and feeling connected to your life purpose

*Connects you with your soul, (your core essence) and highest potential and what it feels like to be you

*and much much more!



   In Person Healing Sessions

60 minute sessions are $200

90 minute sessions are $300



Current Rhys Thomas Institute Students AND GRADUATES

Special Discount Pricing!

 $150 for 60 minute sessions

$180 for 90 minute sessions


Please ask about discount packages available for

Long Distance Sessions and in person RI sessions ONLY



Your appointment time is specifically being held for you, please kindly give at least 24 hours notice for all cancelations.

Thank you!