Discover Your Purpose

Rhys Thomas


Eastern Body Western Mind

Anodea Judith 


Vibrational Medicine

Richard Gerber



Spontaneous Healing of Belief

                                                                                                 Gregg Braden 


Divine Matrix

Gregg Braden


You are the Placebo
Joe Dispenza D.C.


The Wisdom of Your Cells

How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. 

The Biology of Belief
Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. 


Sacred Contracts

Caroline Myss


Anatomy of the Spirit

Caroline Myss


Why People Don't Heal And How They Can

Caroline Myss


Hands of Light 

Guide To Healing Through The Human Energy Field

Barbara Brennan


The Promise of Energy Psychology
David Feinstein, Ph.D.

The Field

Lynn McTaggart


New Earth

Eckhart Tolle

You Can Heal Your Life
Louise Hay


Dark Side Of the Light Chasers

Debbie Ford


Mastery Of Love 

Don Miguel Ruiz


4 Agreements

Don Miguel Ruiz