WELCOME Most Beautiful Rocks Stars!

I am so excited for you all as you embark upon this amazing healing journey of transformation and empowerment!  
I so look forward to connecting with each and everyone of you.  

My calendar tends to fill up pretty quickly so please book your sessions now.  You will want to be sure to have your first healing session once you have done the first chakra call with our amazing Margaret Lynch.  

If you need additional time options, please kindly email me directly by replying to this email and let me know of a few days/Eastern time frame options and I will be happy to look at my calendar as soon as I can to see what I can do. 

 I know that I would not be where I am today at the level I am, without the beautiful and powerful support of tapping and receiving monthly full spectrum healing sessions when i was a student doing this deep transformational work,. The full spectrum healing sessions are a really beautiful and powerful way to support you this year if you are struggling as you continue to find the courage to step more and more into your life and fearlessly continue shine the brilliance and beauty of you OR if you would like to continue to use it as a launching pad to bring more energy and courage into your life and use it for your upward karmic spiral as you continue to expand and be the Divine light you were meant to be in the world.  

When you have used all of your complimentary healing sessions if you would like energetic support to help you continue on your Rock Star Rise please email me for the exclusive special healing package pricing available only to current Rock Stars.


The healings will focus will be supporting you in getting you into your body and really connecting with and feeling your Core Soul Essence and the truth of what it feels like to be you with more energy, clarity, confidence and courage.  

They are also be a really beautiful and powerful way support you in your moving through and expanding beyond your most challenging vows and blocks in your chakras so you can begin to connect with and feel your truth and Sacred calling in the world. 

I have made it really easy to book your healing sessions with me.    

Just click on either SKYPE or PHONE SESSION and look for ROAM OR Select a Service Link Below and it Will Take You Directly to My Online Calendar;


My schedule can be fairly flexible with some notice depending on the day. If at any time you need a session time outside of what I have available here. please look at your calendar and email me at with a few days (Eastern) Time frames that you are available & I will be happy to get back to you & we can go from there.  

I usually try to keep some V.I.P. secret appointments for Rock Stars on my calendar if/when possible.  <3

ROAM PHONE HEALING SESSION ROAM exclusive MEMBERS receive 2 complimentary Long Distance Full Spectrum Healing Sessions, and FIRST year ROAM Mastermind Members also receive 2 complimentary Long Distance Full Spectrum Healing Sessions. 

ROAM SKYPE HEALING SESSIONS ROAM exclusive MEMBERS receive 2 complimentary Long Distance Full Spectrum Healing Sessions, and FIRST year ROAM Mastermind Members receive 2 complimentary Long Distance Full Spectrum Healing Sessions. My Skype address is amy.martin Please include your Skype address when booking appointments. Thank you!

To expedite the process please go to this link right now and sign the required   before your first session so we can keep your session day/time.  


Thank you!




 To prepare for your healing sessions;



It is really powerful to bring into your conscious awareness where you are (emotionally, physically and spiritually) before (and after) your healing sessions and then copy and paste it into your google doc as another really beautiful and powerful way to track your Rock Star Rise.

 To receive the most benefit from your session, you will want to wear comfortable clothes and it is suggested that you have a block of time to yourself where there will be no interruptions. 

It is also recommended that you download one of your favorite Rhys Method Crystal Bowl Healing Meditation Downloads  available on your ROAM membership webpage to play during your healing session.

The RhysMethod crystal bowl downloads are a complimentary ROAM GIFT! and can be found on your Rock STARS webpage that Margaret has set up for you! 

The crystal bowls work with your energy field in ways we are not even aware of, so they are a wonderful tool to use to support you while doing this amazing transformational work!  

To read more about the powerful healing qualities of using the RhysMethod Crystal Bowls please go to this link;

The first part of the session will be talking about whatever you would like the focus of the session to be (what may be up for you emotionally, spiritually and/or physically relating to the work you have been doing within the Rock STARS program.) and where you feel you could use the most support energetically.   So you can plan your initial first session may run closer to 90 minutes depending on what is up for you at that time.  (And your sessions after that will be closer to 60 minutes)

The second half of the session will take about 30 minutes and will entail having you find a quiet place to relax and lie down, on a bed or a couch, (preferably with an eye pillow covering your eyes).  Please be sure to find a space where you will be comfortable where you will also be able to listen to your crystal bowl download for approximately 30 minutes while you to receive your long distance full spectrum healing session.  

When your healing session is completed we will only talk briefly for about 5-10 minutes to bring closure to your session with little or no talking to help support you in staying in that deeper feeling state.



It is highly recommended that you journal about how you feel in your body after your healing experience, any Aha’ moments and then copy and paste it into your google doc as another beautiful and powerful way to track your Rock Star Rise. 


Things to journal about;

How do you feel now?  Get a sense of how you really feel.  My recommendation is to really breathe, and really feel your body (and bring your attention to your inner awareness) and notice where/how your body feels differently compared to before the healing.   


It is highly recommended that you allow yourself some personal time after your session (the healings are often very deep.  So it can be a really beautiful and powerful way to support you in getting the most from your healing by allowing yourself time afterwards to self reflect ie going for a walk, or allowing yourself time to sit and drink some soothing tea, and/or even taking an Epsom salt bath for integration time~ see if you can allow some space to just BE and to just breathe before stepping back onto the treadmill and into your "to~ do~ lists" ) and then write down what your experience was and how you feel, include as much detail as possible.  The more you write and the deeper you express it the more it will really help to rewire your energy body and anchor into your system this new found feeling and truth and awareness... now that you have this feeing on a cellular level it is there for you to back to at anytime.   (and/or what you shared with me.)   


 If you are undecided to which one of the many wonderful Rhys Method Crystal Bowl Healing Meditation Downloads to choose from, the ones most people love are;'

'Full Energetic Balance'

'Awakening Inner Power Self Esteem’ 

'Touching  Your Soul'

'Embracing Your Life Purpose'

'Grounding and Physical Manifestation'


'Awakening Universal Love'

Or depending on what chakra you are currently working on in the ROAM program you can certainly also used the extended version of that crystal bowl chakra tone.  

Also remember TAPPING and LISTENING to your Crystal Bowls downloads are beautiful ways to support yourself between coaching and healing sessions!

 Again you can access the crystal bowl downloads by going to Margaret's 'Rock STARS on A Mission' page she has set up for you using your password.




To hear what people are saying go to;

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It has been so beautiful to witness your courage and your willingness to dive deep into your inner work these past few months.  I look forward to reconnecting with each and everyone of you!



Amy B Martin Healing

Highly in demand, Amy has a large international clientele and has worked with thousands of people worldwide.  She is the chosen healer by Margaret Lynch for her Rock Star On A Mission program and shes been offering long distance healing sessions since 2009.   

Each person's experience is highly individual; the intention throughout each of your healing sessions will be customized to focus your healing on the levels of your physical and emotional bodies, your chakras, your spiritual centers and your unique individual Life Purpose and Soul Levels.