These are some things that people have found extremely nurturing, supportive and healing to do before and after their healing sessions to continue to support your healing process and to anchor in the Healing;


Be Extra Gentle Loving and Compassionate With Your Self 

Nurture, Love And Care For Yourself The Way You Would Treat Your Most Beloved Child

Take an Epsom/Sea Salt Bath

Drink Calming Soothing Herbal Teas

Flower Essences/Rescue Remedy

Ask Me About Recoomended Medicinal Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils


Take a Nap

Start a Feeling Journal And Write About Your Healing Experience and/or Any of Your Aha' Moments

Go For a Mediative Walk

Being Out In Nature 

Write A Blog

Make A Video

Listen To Your Heart/Inner Guidance And Do One Thing That You Know You Should be Doing But Aren't

What Does The Divine and Infinite Part of you Want You To know? (It can be really powerful and healing to journal about it or share with a friend to make it more real).

What Is One Small Step You Feel You Can Take Today, Towards Your Living Your Life Purpose?