Hello Divine and Infinite RockStars 2017!

WELCOME!  I am so excited and delighted for you all as you embark upon this amazing and empowering transformational healing journey with us this year.  As an exclusive member of the new 2017 ROAM program you will receive 2 complementary full spectrum healings sessions with me.

Meet Your Coaches

Amy is the chosen healer by Margaret M Lynch.   

Amy is a graduate and a teacher’s assistant at the Rhys Thomas Institute 3 year Life Mastery Training immersion program and a Life Purpose Profile Master.   

Today, Amy is considered a world-class Master Healer and Energy Medicine Practitioner.   Amy specializes in seeing the core Soul quality of her client’s truest source of authentic power and what is blocking it.  Her intuitive gifts and skill in Full Spectrum Energy Healing allows her to facilitate massive change for her clients resulting in more... love…. energy… confidence… inner peace...and clarity... and living a more radiant heart centered life.  

Highly in demand, Amy has worked with thousands of people worldwide  

Each healing session builds to grow your chakra energy and presence so adding 2 more healings during your Rock Star year will have a powerful impact on your energy and living the truth of your Soul and your primary life purpose profile. 

I wanted to connect with you real quickly to please go to this link, as soon as possible because my calendar tends to fill up pretty quickly so please book your sessions now.  You will want to be sure to schedule your first healing session once you have completed the first chakra recorded call and the Q/A RockStar call on Thursday 4/6 with our amazing Margaret Lynch.  

If you need additional time options outside of what you see available, please kindly email me directly by replying to this email and let me know of a few days/Eastern time frame options and I will be happy to look at my calendar as soon as I can to see what I can do.

  When booking your appointment if you are using skype or a free conference line

Please remember to include either your Skype contact name or your Free Conference Calling Number under additional notes. 

I have made it really easy to book your healing sessions with me.

Just click on either SKYPE or PHONE SESSION and look for ROAM and Select a Service Link Below and it Will Take You Directly to My Online Calendar;


  • ROAM PHONE HEALING SESSION~   ALL Exclusive Full Enrollment RockStar On A Mission Members receive 2 complimentary Long Distance Full Spectrum Healing Sessions.. (When your sessions are complete long distance sessions are available for purchase to continue to support you through the Rock Star Journey).


  • ROAM SKYPE HEALING SESSIONS~   ALL Exclusive Full Enrollment RockStar On A Mission Members receive 2 complimentary Long Distance Full Spectrum Healing Sessions.   My Skype contact is amyb.martin   (When your sessions are complete long distance sessions are available for purchase to support you through the Rock Star Journey).


If you live locally and would like to do your RockStar complimentary healings in person, there is a small fee of $110 (in person healings are normally $200)...  I am only in Medway once or twice a month depending on my schedule so book now because session times book up fast.   



Guaranteed All Of The In Person Healings 

During the RockStar/Mastery Retreat

Will All Book Up...

And Fast!


                  LIMITED SPACE IS AVAILABLE!  
    Rockstar Mastery Retreat Verve Hotel. ($300 VALUE!) I will be brining my healing table and offering healings in my hotel room for a full in person healing experience.  (Sessions To guarantee your reservation please prepay by going to to this link below please be sure to check “family or friend” option (as I consider you both!) and enter my email address amy@amybmartin.com https://www.paypal.com/myaccount/transfer/send


Complimentary RockStar healing sessions CANNOT be used for the in person healings during the Rockstar Mastery Retreat and ARE NOT included with any prepaid packages (or special package prices)...

Thank you so much for understanding! :) as this allows me to be able pay for my hotel room so I can be there for the retreat mastery week! 




  • ROAM IN PERSON SESSION Medway MA ($110.00) GPS Address Medway Mills 165 Main St Suite #6 Medway, MA 02053. (Please Note There Is A $110 TRAVEL & ROOM RENTAL FEE FOR COMPLIMENTARY ROAM SESSIONS) I travel up from RI so please kindly give at least 24 hrs notice for all cancelations. OX Thank you!


  • ROAM IN PERSON RI ($50.00)  IN PERSON HEALING SESSIONS in Rhode Island (Please Note There is a SMALL $50 IN PERSON FEE IF YOU ARE USING ONE OF YOUR COMPLIMENTARY ROCKSTAR HEALING SESSIONS). Please contact Amy amy@amybmartin.com for more information & let me know what days/times are good for you and we can go from there.  Please kindly give at least 24 hrs notice for all cancelations.  OX Thank you!

I usually try to keep some V.I.P. secret appointments for long distance sessions RockStars on my calendar (and in person sessions) if/when possible.

I can only offer a certain number of in person sessions in a day in Medway and the time slots tend to fill up fast so please schedule our in person sessions ASAP.  If you don't see any openings on my calendar please email me and I will be happy to see what I can do.   

ox Thank you!


To find out what time your appointment is in your time zone, please go to this link:


To hear what people are saying about their long distance healing sessions with Amy

please click on the "Read Verified Customer Reviews' box below.


I feel so deeply honored to be holding this space for you and I know that I would not be where I am today at the level I am, without the beautiful and powerful support of tapping and receiving monthly full spectrum healing sessions when I was a student doing this deep transformational work. The full spectrum healing sessions are a really beautiful and powerful way to support you this year to bring more energy, confidence, clarity and courage into your life and use it for your upward karmic spiral as you continue to expand and be the Divine light you were meant to be in the world.  

You are wired to be extraordinary, it is your Divine Birthright!

Thank you I look forward to connecting with Divine and Infinite YOU!  Heartfelt thank you for helping me live my life purpose… and for being Divine and Infinite YOU! I love nothing more than working with Rockstars On A Mission because you have already all done a lot of deep inner work and you all want to go deeper because you want to shone brighter and Heaven knows we need more heart centered leaders like you in the world. 💞



Before your long distance healing session please go to your 2017 RockStars Membership Page http://www.margaretmlynch.com/members and find your gift from Margaret of the Rhys Method Crystal Bowl Downloads to support your healing journey this year.  (Open the file and then go to Rhys Thomas Crystal Bowl Meditations and have it ready for your session, once we connect we will choose one of the downloads to support you during your actual healing).  

There are Extended Crystal Bowl Downloads (for chakras 1-7) and the Crystal Bowl Healing Meditation Downloads are a Series Audios that are designed to awaken specific essential states of being and support you in learning to access those levels of consciousness to live a more vibrant and fulfilling life.  

It is highly recommended that you listen to the specific crystal bowl (for the chakra you are currently working in) immediately upon awakening or as you are going to sleep are the most effective times to support you in re-patterning and reprogramming your energy.  

1st Chakra~ Full Energetic Balance
This beautiful audio for your 1st chakra brings all of the systems of the mind, body and spirit into balance. Very peaceful and grounding.

3rd chakra~ Awakening Inner Power and Self Esteem
This beautiful audio for your 3rd chakra awakens the essential state of what Jung termed, “the self as the primary archetype.” Once you know you are a one-of-a-kind you are able to follow your inner guidance and stay on the path you know is good for you.

4th chakra~ Awakening Universal Love 
This beautiful audio opens the heart to self love and feeling love as a fully embodied state of being. Love is the bond that holds the universe and every cell in your body together. Feeling love as the force that unites and supports you in trust and forgiveness and compassion and tenderness is the greatest gift you can give yourself or others.

6/7th Chakra~ Spiritual Guidance
This beautiful audio supports your 6/7th chakra awakens your brilliance and your connection to your spiritual guidance. Intelligence is not the thinking mind but the consciousness that allows you to think. Awakening that aspect of brilliance brings resourcefulness and creativity to every situation.

Embracing Your Life Purpose
This beautiful audio lets you feel how your life purpose is calling you every day. Use this audio every day when you are ready to support you life mission. A life purpose is never a job, it is state of being “you” that you bring to every situation you are in.

Touching Your Soul
This beautiful audio reminds you of who you have always been. When you touch your Soul you will smile and love your life. The soul can transform lead into gold. Just try it.

Grounding and Physical Manifestation
This beautiful audio is a wonderful way to anchor in your solid sense of purpose and innate manifestation qualities in a really grounded way.  Powerful especially for Charismatic Leaders.