The Soul Heals~Love Heals





Amy B Martin

Exclusively Specializing In International

 Long Distance Healing Sessions Since 2009


Awaken The Divine Within 

Your Inner Calling Is Sacred There Is Nothing More Sacred Than Being You!



Reconnect With The Divine And Sacred Alignment Of Who You Really Are And Who Your Soul Is Calling You To Be In This Lifetime.


Call Back Your Spirit ReAwaken To Your Souls Gifts… ReConnect With The Love And Joy… And The Divine Light And Love… That Already Exists Within You… And That Is YOU!


“I have come to draw you out of yourself and take you into my heart. I have come to bring out the beauty you never knew you had, and lift you like a prayer to the sky.”  Rumi


Let Me Walk With You Soul To Soul 

While We Call Back Your Spirit



Healing AND Loving The World One Soul At A Time



 Reconnect With The Divine And Sacred Alignment Of Who You Really Came To Be And Who Your Soul IS Calling You To Be In This Lifetime And Anchor That In More And More With EACH Session Until YOU Can Hold The DIVINE WITHIN YOU And ETERNAL Part Of You On Your Own.


Each session builds upon the last to Awaken YOU To The Divine Within and the deeper and deeper layers of who you really are.. when you embody your SOULS GIFTS... and your very reason for being here on the planet. 


Every session is highly individual and Sacredly unique to your specific healing needs and what you are trying to nourish and heal within yourself and your life and how it relates to your Soul.   ​ 





*Did You Know We Have The Power To Release Past Grief... Hurts... Wounds... Traumas... and Blocks Just By Having A Sacred Witness Who Can Hold A Safe Space And Presence For Us As We Allow Those  Buried... and Suppressed Feelings And Emotions To Flow Without Judgement?
*And Did You Also Know~ That When We Are Grieving And We Dont Allow Ourselves To Feel The Grief And Sadness~ That It Is Literally Like Taking A Deep Breath In And Never Breathing Out?


*And That The Deeper The Grief We Can Feel~ The More Love And More Joy We Can Also Feel~ Because They Are Two Sides OF The Same Coin~ So The Deeper We Allow Ourselves To Feel Grief And Sadness.. The More Love And Joy We Can Also Feel?


*AND That When We Have A Sacred Witnessed For All Of Our Pain~ And Past Hurts~. That Something Miraculous Happens, And The Energy In Our Nervous System Begins To Flow In A Whole New Way... And With Each Breathe, We begin To Breath Ourselves Back Into Ourselves?


This Was A Huge Part Of My Healing Process... It Was Painful... And Really Hard... And Definitely Not Easy At Times... But What I Also Found  Was All Of The Beauty... Love... And Joy That Was Also There For Me Just Waiting On The Other Side.


That Is Why There Is No Greater Gift Anyone Could Ever Offer Me Is Allowing Me to Be Your Sacred Witness Walking Soul To Soul With You While You Release Grief.. Past Hurts... And Wounds... There is A Divine And Infinite Light That Is You That Is All OF The Divine And Infinite Light... Love... And Joy That Is YOU... Waiting On The Other Side.




How Different Would Your Life Be

If You Committed To Making This Year

The Year That You Spend

More Sacred And Healing Time

With You AND Your Soul?! 




What Would Be Possible?

When We Talk About Soul Level Healing

Or Even Abundance 


 And What We Want To Lovingly Create For Ourselves...


What Soul Level Healing Or Abundance

Are You Willing To Lovingly Gift Yourself And Your Soul This Year?


How Can You Show The Universe This Is What I Deserve...


This Is What I Need...

And That, I Matter...

How I Feel Matters....





Can You Be All In On This?



Are You All In On Lovingly... And Compassionately 


Gifting Yourself What You And Your Soul Wants

And What You Both Really Need? 






This Is Such An Important Thing To Declare

To Not Only Yourself

But To The Universe.



I Am ALL In On Me.



I Do Deserve This Time...

This Attention.


I Matter


My Soul Matters

How I Feel Matters


How My Soul Feels Matters



Are You All In On Giving Yourself And Your Soul What You Really Need?



What If You Gifted Yourself And Your Soul

Regular Healings Once Or Even Twice A Month?





How Different Would Your Life Be

If You Could Feel Lovingly Held 

In ALL Of Your Feelings... And All Of Your Souls Desires?


And Feel Really Really Seen

Maybe For the First Time In Your Life...



What Would Be Possible For You?





Don't Allow Another Year To Slip By

Your Soul Will Thank You!



Amy B Martin is a world class Energy Healer and Soul Whisperer. She specializes in seeing and speaking to the core Soul quality of her client’s truest source of authentic power from a deep place of sensitivity, compassion and love.   

Reconnecting You With The Divine And Sacred Alignment Of Who You Really Are And Who Your Soul Is Calling You To Be In This Lifetime.​​


Amy’s heart centered intuitive gifts allows her to facilitate massive change for her clients resulting in feeling a deeper sense of inner peace that effortlessly creates more space for them to begin living a deeper more conscious heart centered life.


Highly in demand, Amy has a large international clientele and has worked with thousands of people worldwide.


Every session is highly individual and Sacredly unique to your specific healing needs and what you are trying to nourish and heal within yourself and your life and how it 




Since The World

And Humanity


Seem To Be Going Through

Some Really Big Changes


More Than Ever Right Now



And Every Single Person I Know

Seems To Be Transforming And Healing Through 


Something Really Deep... Powerful... And Big



Because Their Souls Are Calling Them

To Do Their Part


To Bring Even More

Healing.... Power And Presence

To The Planet


In Some Really Powerful and Significant Way



 I Felt Deeply Called

To Do My Very Small Humble Part Part

To Do My Very Best


To Keep My Prices Affordable



So That NO ONE Is

Left Behind





Navigate Your Way

Powerfully Beyond 

Your Most Challenging  Inner Blocks

And Hard Wired Programming



Expand Way Beyond

Your Grief, Trauma, Woundings


That Create Your Deep And Powerful 


Experiences Of 

Touching Your Soul

And Remembering Who You Really Are

And Who You Came Into This World To Be


And Step Into The

Most Powerful Authentic Version Of YOU!


The YOU,

You Were Born To Be!




If You And Your Soul Are Feeling Called To 

Feeling Deeply And Sacredly Honored And Held 

While Being Wrapped In Love

As You Navigate Your Way Through Your Own Inner Healing Journey

As You Continue On This Journey Of 












This Is Your Year



The Divine And Sacred Part Of You 

Who Is Ready To Be Acknowledged ... 

Known...To Be Seen... Heard... Loved... Supported... 

Cherished... Adored... And Embraced... 


Maybe Even For The First Time 

In Your Life Ever!



You Are In The Right Place If You Feel Deeply Called To

Feel Softly Held In Deep Reverence, Gentleness And Healing Love

As You Navigate Your Way Through All Of The Uncertainty


And Heal Through Hard Wired Blocks And Nervous System Levels 

As You Continue To Sacredly Rebuild

Your Foundation Of Inner Strength

And Your Temple Of Divinity From the Ground Up


So You Can Stand More Grounded And Solidly In Who You Are

And Embody Your Right To

Take Up Space, Exist And Being Seen In The World

With Safety And Trust In A Whole New Way 


And You Continue To Feel Deeply Called To 

Expand And Heal And Grow Into

The Most Grounded, Solid, Powerful Authentic Version Of You


I cannot think of a more beautiful or powerful a way to continue to honor you… and your process… 

than by allowing yourself to be in a deep and Sacred honoring and healing space for YOU… 

because the truth is,

YOU Matter…


Your FEELINGS Matter… 


Your Tender HEART

And ALL Of Your LOVE..


Your Unconditional DELIGHT and HAPPINESS....



And All of Your Boundless JOY For Life


Really.... And Truly Do.... ALL Matter!





If any of this is calling you, I just wanted to take a moment and honor you... and your healing process... and presence you... and the Divine and Infinite part of you... and all you have both been through that brought you here.

Thank you for blessing me with the privilege of being able to hold such a deep and Sacred Honoring of YOU... and your healing journey... and I look forward to connecting with you and your beautiful Soul soon.... 

Until then if it is ok with you, I will be sending you and your littlest version of you the softest rose pink blanket of Divine and Infinite love to wrap yourselves up in and I am holding you both ever so softly in my heart until you are able to hold both of you on your own.






Your Sacred Gifts Are Way Too Important

And Needed Now On The Planet

Right Now

More Than Ever!




 If I Offered To Hold You In A Very 

Safe... Gentle... Loving Container



And You Knew That Each Time We Met 

We Would Be Holding A Deep And Sacred


Space For You To Re~Awaken 




And Most Powerful




That Is Your Divine Birthright 



And You Knew Each Time We Connected


We Would Be Reconnecting You With Your Divine Blueprint

And With This Divine And Sacred Part Of You 




That Part Of You, That You Love The Most 


And the Part Of Who Is Still In There 

She Just May Be Deeply Hidden 



But Longing To Be Called Forward To Be Seen 

In A Bigger Brighter Way 


And You Knew I Would Be Right There With You 

Every Step Of The Way


Softly Holding And Honoring 

This Deepest Part Of You... With You

 Until You Could Hold It On Your Own...


So You No Longer Felt Empty... Lost... Or Alone


And Instead You Began To Feel More

Open... Vibrantly Alive...  

And Overflowing With A Sense Of

Beauty, Wonder, Love, Awe And The Joy Of Life


 Would You Take Your First Step 

In Creating And Living 


Overflowing With Self Love

This Year?





IF You Can Answer YES To This 

Than This Is For You!

If Not Now When?


If Not You, Who?


Don't Allow Another Year To Slip By





If You LOVED The Healing Session(s)

You've Already Done With Me...

And You Felt Profound Shifts Already  


Than You Know By Now


That you Are Not Only My Perfect Client


This Is Especially For YOU!
































When it is just you, you feel connected with your own Sacred and Divine Intelligence and inner calling... you can feel the expansiveness of your Heart and your Soul and you can feel the pull of the still small voice within you... you feel like you are totally connected and you can feel how you are being called to do something more with your life.  

But then there are also the moments where it feels so overwhelming... scary...  

 terrifying.... and extremely painful... you feel contracted... small...unworthy...

and the point that you feel crazy because

even the thought of being seen shining your brilliance 

and your light, makes you collapse and want to give up. 


You know all too well by now that this pattern has caused you you a tremendous cycle of pain and suffering and you have this deep inner knowing by now, that you can’t do it alone... 

...and the good news is, now you don’t have to! 



Hi my name is Amy B Martin, and I know what it feels like because I have been there too. Not many people know this about me but before doing this work I tormented myself for years knowing I was called to do something more with my life… something that made a difference for myself and for others.


I felt a deep inner calling, and a deep Soul pull that kept me awake at night~ but I was much too afraid to take the leap of faith, to put myself out there in a bigger way and be seen in a greater light. 


Because who was I, and how could I possibly survive doing what I was feeling called to do?  It was too hard.  I was terrified.  I had tried for years on my own and it was an extremely painful process and it never seemed to get any easier. 


Then in 2009 my life completely changed.... and now I am living my passion and my purpose.... and this is exactly why I am so deeply passionate about what I do!




And Again, Since It Seems Like Everyone I Know Is Struggling On Some Level These Past Few Years


So I Wanted To Do My Very Small Humble Part

In Making It Maybe A Little Bit Easier

For More People To Receive

Some Extra Healing Love And Support




As They Navigate This Time Of


Deep Healing

And Transformation 


With As Much Grace And Ease As Possible






So If You Act Now You Will 













This Is Such An Incredible Value

That I Have Never Offered Before




It Is Such An Amazing Savings For YOU


That I Cannot Promise

I Will Ever Be Able To Offer It Again!













Each session beautifully and powerfully builds upon the last, to grow and restructure your chakra energy and presence to support you in powerfully impacting your life...  allowing you to feel more enthusiasm... passion... deep inner stillness... and peace… as you reconnect with feelings of boundless joy of life and your purpose… 

so you can begin living a more conscious heart centered life!





To Reserve Your Spot NOW


To Reserve Your Spot 





Or If you Have Any Questions Please Email Me At







This Special Offer Is Only Available

For A Limited Time 


I Only Have 10 Spots Available



So This This Offer Is Only Good To

The First 10

VIP People

Who Sign Up




Until Midnight Tuesday January 31, 2023



Whichever Comes First!








You Can Use This Sacred Time

Any Way You Would Like!!!



Once A Week...

Every Other Week...

Once A Month...

Or You Can Even Put Some

Or All Of Your Sessions In The Bank


And Use The Time On An As Needed Basis

Because They Never EXPIRE!





There Is Never Any Pressure To Use These Sessions By A Certain Date


Because There Is No Expiration!







This Is So Invaluable & Virtually Unheard Of!




What Level Of Deep Unblocking And Healing

Would Be Possible 


if You Continued To Allow Yourself To Receive

Regular Healings 

While Also Feel Deeply Held... In Safety And Love


As You Navigate Your Way Through Your

Chakra Intuitive Mastery Journey?!! 



I Realize that This Offer Is Truly Not For Everyone



This Is For Those Who Feel Deeply Called To

Feel Softly Held In Deep Reverence, Gentleness And Healing Love


As You Navigate Your Way Through All Of the Uncertainty

And Heal Through Hard Wired Blocks And Nervous System Levels 


As You Continue To Sacredly Rebuild

Your Foundation Of Inner Strength

And Your Temple Of Divinity From the Ground Up


Stand More Grounded And Solidly In Who You Are

And Embodying Your Right To

Take Up Space, Exist And Being Seen In The World

 With Safety And Trust




Awakening Your

Inner Passion, Enthusiasm

And Embodying Your Right To

Embrace And Feel Your Sensitivity

And Your Deepest Soul Emotions, Feelings, Needs And Desires

That Are Always There Calling You, Every Moment Of Everyday


And Find The Courage To Allow Them To Call You Deeper Into

Your Life And Your Purpose



Fully Embrace

 Your Innate Spiritual Gifts

And Your Right To Embody Them With

Innate Courage, Confidence and Strength 

And Being Seen As A Conscious And

Heart Centered Healer/Leader In The World




And Reconnect With Feelings Of

Self Compassion, Love And Fully Embodying Connection, Unconditional Happiness And A Boundless Joy Of Life



With As Much Grace And Ease As Humanly Possible

All At A Significantly Discounted Price!



You Deserve All Of This And So Much More

As Your Sacred And Divine Birthright



You Know This IS For You IF:
You have really loved the healing sessions we have done so far
You feel you have deeply benefited from the healing work we have already done together
You feel called to continue to expand and heal and grow into
the most grounded, solid, powerful authentic version of you
If This Is You
I would love nothing more than to offer this gift from my heart to you

So you can deeply benefit from this amazing opportunity and to be able to affordably continue receiving regular healings!
If it is calling you, this is not only my gift of love from me to you
BUT more importantly it can also be a very kind and self loving gift that you can offer yourself that will continue to keep on giving the whole year through... the more healing for you... means more healing for your family...
And just imagine what is possible if that healing continues to reverberate out into the world a thousand fold for many years to come?!



I cannot think of a more beautiful or powerful a way to continue to honor you... and your process... by continuing to hold a deep and Sacred honoring and healing space for YOU… because the truth is,


YOU Matter…

Your FEELINGS Matter…  

Your Tender HEART...

And ALL Of Your LOVE..

Your Unconditional DELIGHT and HAPPINESS....



And Your Boundless JOY For Life


Really And Truly Do ALL Matter!




This Offer Is So Amazing,
I Am Only Offering this to My Most Perfect Fit Clients,
And Only Able To Offer It To
The Very First 10 People Who Sign Up
Who Are Committed And Open
And Willing To Say YES! To Themselves…
And Their Inner Healing This Year
Until Midnight January 31, 2023
Which Ever Comes First!


*The First 10 Sign Ups Will Receive
(12) 75-90 Minute Virtual Healing Sessions
Each Session Includes
Soul Readings/Spiritual Guidance 
For Virtually Half Off The Regular Price!!!
This Is Normally The Price Of
(12) 60 Minute Sessions!!!!
(Please email me at amy@amybmartin for any questions)



Your VIP Package Purchase



So You Can Even Bank Some Of Them If/When That Is Calling You!















Get To The TOP Of My Calendar Every Time! (Amazing Added Value!)


And If There Is A Major Holiday

And/Or I Have Plans To Be Away

I Will Be Sure To Personally Notify You Ahead Of Time

To Be Sure We Can Get You In!



*Gain Access To My Very Special VIP Secret Appointment Time Slots To Accommodate Your Schedule As Needed!




*Soul Readings With Each Energy Healing (Chakra Attunement)



Email Love and Support, As Needed  

(Yes! Its true!)






















To Reserve Your Spot NOW

Please Go To The Link


Please email

if you have any questions

Imagine Receiving 
EXTRA healing Love and Support
As You Navigate Your Way
Continue To Heal Through More Layers
This Coming Year!!!


Each Healing Builds Upon the Last To Powerfully Impact 

Your Presence And Your Energy



These Healings Are Much Deeper And Broader

Where I Am Able To Take You On A Journey Of

Touching Your Soul 

And Anchor In Your Core Soul Essence

And The Truth Of What It Feels Like To Be You


So You Can Begin Consciously Choosing To Follow Your Sacred Calling 

In A Much Deeper More Palpable…. Powerful Way!




This Is Highly Recommended

For Those Who FEEL Called To Receive

The Ultimate Level Of Energetic Healing

To Support You In 

Expanding Beyond Your Blocks And Inner Programming At The Very Deep And Basic Foundational Chakra Levels 

               While Also Exploring Your Life Purpose And Your Core Soul Essence!





Energy Healings



If You Loved The Healing Work We Have Already Done Together 


How Different Your Life Would Be One Year From Now


If You Offered This Gift to Yourself


Potentially A Whole Year Of


 Deep Soul Nourishing Healing Time Every 3-4 weeks!!! 


So if it is calling you just let me know
I would love nothing more than for YOU to be one of the ones who receives this Soul gift from me to you!  
And I look forward to reconnecting with you and your beautiful Soul in this while new way!
I cannot think of a more beautiful or powerful self loving way to support yourself and make the year 2023 your best year ever! 
I have never offered this before and I cannot promise I will be able to offer it again.
This Incredible Is A Gift And Sacred Offering
Of My Heart 
But I Realize That It Is Not Just For Anyone 
IF It Is Calling You... And Pulling You...
I Can Hardly Wait To Connect With You
And The Raw Power, Beauty And Grace Of Your Beautiful Soul
In This Whole New Divine And Sacred Way! 
As You Continue Reconnecting More And More
And Anchoring In To Feeling Even More
Ease, Inner Peace, And Lightness
And The Truth And Feeling Of What It Feels Like To Be
The Full Embodiment Of You In Your Core Soul Essence
Who Is Already Overflowing With All Of The
Magic, Wonder, Beauty, Love, Joy And Awe
That Has Always Existed In You!


Each Session Will Continue Connecting You

With A Deeper Level Of Your Sacred Calling

On An Energetic And Feeling Level

Continuing To Ground 


And Anchor You In To

The Most Powerful


Most Authentic

Versions Of You!





All you need to do is let me know, and we can schedule your first session now and you can make your payment between now and January 31, 2023.
If this is not calling you, of course that is ok too...
just know in your heart of hearts that I am here for you at whatever level or capacity that you feel you may need... and even at my normal session pricing that it is still an amazing value!
And that I am still unconditionally here holding a deep and Sacred honoring reverence and love for you and your healing journey! 









Healings Help You:


💞Integrate The Deep Healing Work You Are Already Doing 


💞Understand Your Energy Body More Fully 


💞Activate An Internal Reset Button


     💞Reconnect You With The Healing Source Of Your Most Authentic Power


💞Awaken feelings of aliveness… connection… boundless joy and inner peace!


 💞Each session beautifully builds upon the last, to help grow and restructure your chakra energy and presence and support you in powerfully impacting your energy



 💞Restore Your Body, Mind And Soul!





*Reconnect With The Divine Light... Love AND Joy That Already Exists Within You...And That Is YOU! And That Divine And Sacred Light  That Has Always Been YOU!



*If you are a coach or a healer already in a transformational healing program and you would like to feel held and loved as you go deeper into your own  healing journey...

*If you have have already done a lot of deep inner healing work and you want to go deeper because you want to shine brighter...

*If you loved the healing sessions you have already had with me and the healing work we have done together resonates with you deeply...


***You feel called to Reconnect With And Feel The Whispers Of The Still Small Voice Of Your Soul And The Divine Light That IS Your Sacred Self

…and continue to heal and expand beyond your grief...  trauma..... and wounds.... and evolve so you can shine your love... your...  light and your joy even brighter. because you know that the world needs more conscious heart centered healers, and leaders like you in the world!


Again, there is absolutely no pressure at all as I realize that this amazing offer is definitely not for everyone

BUT if this is calling you in any way,

I look forward to connecting with you and your beautiful Soul soon!

With Deep Eternal Gratitude, Reverence And Love for trusting in me to walk this Sacred journey with you,







Amy B Martin is a world class Master Energy Healer, and certified Energy Medicine Practitioner. She specializes in seeing the core soul quality of her client’s truest source of authentic power and what is blocking it from a deep place of sensitivity, compassion and love. Amy’s heart centered intuitive gifts and skill in Full Spectrum Energy Healing allows her to facilitate massive change for her clients resulting in feeling deep inner peace and effortlessly creating more space for them to begin living a deeper more conscious heart centered life.

Highly in demand, Amy has a large international clientele and has worked with thousands of people worldwide.


  She is THE chosen healer by Margaret M Lynch Rainiere since 2009.   


Each person's experience is highly individual; the intention throughout each of your healing sessions will be customized to focus your healing on the levels of your physical and emotional bodies, your chakras, your spiritual centers and your unique individual Life Purpose and Soul Levels.


People often say the healing sessions feel very soothing and helps them to gently rewire their nervous system and feels like their inner child is being wrapped in the softest rose pink blanket of love  






Rarely have I found one with the kind spirit Amy embodies.

I have been blessed over my life with remarkable, talented teachers and received healings that span the gamut from physical to distance and beyond.  Rarely have I found one with the kind spirit Amy embodies.  Using soft strength Amy holds space she listens with her heart, reflect the best of you back to yourself and whisper the next step for your best support. Her level of talent is rarely found even in the healing community.  I am so grateful I chose to connect and allow!


What  I love about my work with Amy Martin:

 Amy is the most sensitive and empathetic healer i have ever met in my life.  A life which was full of many different kinds of energy healing.  No one sees through me into my most sensitive and vulnerable parts like she can.  No one I ever met is capable of giving so much of her unconditional love.  A long-distance session with her feels craniosacral therapy to me, as if she was touching me directly through the phone.  If you want to be seen, and heard, and supported by a super sensitive and loving soul Amy Martin is is my full hearted recommendation


The Power OF The Heart

To work with Amy B Martin and have her counsel and caring concern is a beautiful experience, each and every time. She has an ability to "see" inside to where healing is needed with gentle, powerful love. She is uniquely gifted and a gift to all she works with.


Amy brings amazing healing to the world!  

Amy is basically an angel on this earth here to help us regular folks feel infinitely better as we navigate these times!  You are in the most amazing hands with Amy.  She is loving and her remote healings are deep and she literally helps me to step into my power and she helps me feel that I am not insane!  She helps me to understand what is happening and why with love and compassion! 


Deep work for Understanding and Reframing
Amy laser focused on me and what I needed to heal. She is an excellent listener and gently asked some opening up questions. She re framed past experiences and gave me brilliant insights. One was my 7 week premature child, Scotty. I saw him as my inner child that wanted and needed to be loved and that was what I gave him before he passed on. Instead of holding him just in my heart I now see him as a guardian angel that is always with me. Just this one comforting thought is golden value.



Amy was amazing. I was really nervous going into the session but Amy was so gentle and understanding. I felt heard and completely safe with her. She really listened to what I was saying and helped me see things from a new perspective. I felt such subtle and gentle shifts inside me and am I so excited to move forward with my life after so long feeling stuck.


Deep and powerful transformational work

Amy is the BEST healer I have had experienced. Her powerful, yet gentle wisdom, compassion, guidance and healing shifted me from a place of being stuck in my business into ACTION, which is alligned with my mind, heart and soul. Amy gave me a lot of insights and ahas when it comes to my core essence, who I truly am and through her healing allowed me to give myself "permission" to go for what I feel I really want. It`s been a liberating, uplifting, deeply transformational and soulful experience.


Wonderful Session

Amy is gifted and extremely compassionate. Her listening skills are exquisite. I felt safe in her gentle and nurturing energy. My root chakra felt empty afterwards. Of course, Tabula Rosa! Thank you, Amy


Amy Is An Incredible Healer

I recently had a healing with Amy and she helped me heal a long forgotten wound. I felt so much lighter after. Her gentle and compassionate way makes it so easy to "go there". Thanks, Amy!


An amazing, transformational experience

I just experienced another transformative healing session with Amy Martin. She is so intuitively guided and opens up deep places in me at a soul level. The healing continues for days after our original session as small and large shifts happen and insights are revealed. I am so grateful that Amy is in the world.


Another Amazing Healing

I had such an amazing healing. So much peace and calm when Amy finished my healing. I am so thankful for Amy and her beautiful healing abilities. Thank you Amy


WOW WOW AND WOW Amy's Healing Has Changed My Life - Beautiful

Amy is and was so gentle and caring, A true listener, I want to live in my love and light. Amy had me seeing beautiful colors, birds, star, lightening, owl with rainbow coloring around the eyes and all were signs from myself releasing the things that I was holding on to that no longer serve me, I felt such energy such light, I have never experiences something so truly pure. Thank you Amy. I don't even know how to express my gratitude for this wonderful, beautiful loving and light filled path.


Such a great loving experience :-)

I was in a tough spot when Amy started to talk to me and everything got light and bubbly. Healings usually take some time to integrate with me. Next morning I woke up so happy and peaceful. I still KNOW who I was being during and after the healing and I feel my spirit has been liberated just a little bit more. More and more I feel my souls purpose sneaking up on me. Lovely experience with Amy and Amy is facilitating the liberating along with my willingness to open up to her healing love.


Amazing Healer

I had a healing session with Amy recently and it was a beautiful experience. I was able to go to a very deep place and feel the energy move through my body. She is such a caring and loving person and she holds a safe space for transformation to take place. Amy is so gifted at being the compassionate, empathetic container. Yes, those are her super powers! She also related insights that felt like "truth"! I won't forget them. I'm so grateful! Thank you Amy!


Healing with Amy

I had a great healing experience with Amy, it was relaxing, and felt so very connected even from a distance. A great connection and feeling full of energy after the healing complete. l look forward to planning our next session.


Beautiful session 

Beautiful session last night and I truly value our time together.  It's so important for me to have a space for me...and that's what you provide so beautifully.

I'm grateful.  xo


I felt blocks to my soul purpose shift and move!

Amy is a master healer. My energy moved in a way I never had before. After decades of healing work diving deeper, connecting even more to my soul purpose, I was ready for a big shift into divine power - and I received it. Just from her coaching I felt calmer, more comfortable and had a higher perspective. Then during the healing I felt sensations of 'gravel' being shoved aside from my upper chest, waves of energy breaking up 'rocks' of energy. Yes! I'm empowered!


Healing from afar

I have had a few telephone healing sessions with Amy and when we first started I was concerned about having long distance sessions, I wondered how effective they would be... but after 1 phone session with Amy, my fears were laid to

rest. Amy is the real deal. She is the light at the end of a dark tunnel, she provides useful insights with love, grace and her gentle nature.


Realm Of Healing 

With Amy, we enter that realm of healing. Thank you again, Amy .❤️


Amy Holds A Vast Healing Space

Thankfully, I had a session with the Angel Amy, and it is ALWAYS at the perfect time. Amazing session, and this morning, I am back. She holds such a vast healing space, like none other. I tear up thinking about it. I have had several sessions with Amy, and each time she brings me back into myself and wholeness. 


Amy is an Angel... My Soul needs the healing she so lovingly and beautifully provides.

"So excited! to have another session with you Amy I need to figure out a way to keep you in my life so I continue to do more healing sessions! You really are an angel. I can feel it, my Soul needs the healing you so lovingly and beautifully provide. I bought that really beautiful, soft rose pink blanket to wrap myself up in. When I see it, I think of you. It is so heart warming to be reminded of you. So grateful! ox”


I can highly recommend Amy

Amy is a loving, caring high-frequency person who truly shines her light in the world and her support is divine in so many aspects. I can highly recommend Amy and her gifts for anyone who likes the extra energetic support to move through things with much more ease and flow in life.


Great Session With Amy

"During my recent session with Amy, I felt like I'd been wrapped up in the softest, warmest blanket of Divine Love ever. It felt like what my soul most needed at that time. I have a hard time being vulnerable and connecting to my body but somehow, Amy was able to take me there. Loved it!”


The Awesome Amy Experience!

"Amy is an angel. Her calm, caring, listening heart touches me on so many levels. Her generosity of spirit and willingness to be present for others is such a gift. Pure love and light. That's the Awesome Amy Experience!"


Amy is the definition of pure love

"It's hard to explain in words how amazing Amy is. The healing starts as soon as I start talking to her! She's so full of Divine and unconditional love that it's contagious--I can't help but start loving myself. She's able to see beyond what I can see for myself, it's as if she's known me for years. She truly sees me. Amy has helped me shift many traumas & insecurities, I've been able to let go of beliefs that were holding me back. I am so grateful to have Amy in my life, she is a gift from God."



"All I can say is that somehow Amy reached me through "time and space" and filled me with such loving feelings that I instantly changed the way I felt about a very difficult person in my life. Amy's gift has literally allowed me to find the part of me that wanted to love and forgive but was stuck in an old pattern of pain. I can't wait for my next session!!"


Amy B Martin....there is nobody better...

"A session with Amy B. Martin is like a gentle nudge into your soul. She is so loving and giving. Amy has amazing insight."


Amy B Martin Healing

"Amy is pure love, period. and also a master healer. As Amy delivers love and healing during our sessions, I am amazed at how powerfully she holds a space of pure love and acceptance, without judgment, and how powerfully and vibrantly alive I feel after each session. The healing she provides is deep, transformational and powerful and I am so thankful to have met her!"



"Amy is one of the most compassionate heart centered people I know. I feel safe, loved and seen when I am around her and when I having a healing session. She has been there to support me, help me heal and grow and change my life. Thank you Amy from the bottom, top and all sides of my heart. “


Absolutely Divine

"If Amy says hello, it seems as though all the troubles of the world have melted away. A healing session is just divine. I really felt like my troubles started to move gently out of the way. Thanks a lot Amy! "


Powerful beautiful healing by Amy

"Amy Martin is an amazing healer! She is gentle yet clear in giving guidance for my highest good. Her connection to divine guidance is clear and full of integrity. I always leave empowered and energized. I highly recommend Amy!”


So blessed

"I had my first healing with Amy this past weekend. During the healing I felt waves of gentle energy and Divine love flowing through me and I felt deep peace afterwords. In the days that have followed I continue to experience a softer more open heart. I feel blessed to know Amy!”


Touched By An Angel

"I don't have the words to explain my healing with Amy B Martin. Magical? Mystical? Miraculous? All I know for certain is that I emerged from the healing with such a vivid sense of reclaiming the power and sense of self I'd lost in a damaging relationship. This sense of security and self has become a part of me. I couldn't feel more powerful than if Amy had fitted me for a super-hero cape and tights. Thank you, Amy. God bless."


Compassionate and insightful

"Amy is a wonderful healer! I value her insight and compassionate feedback on whatever is going on for me. Her style is very warm and loving, but make no mistake, she is insightful and is able to arrive at the changes I need to make within myself to help me with whatever is going on. Both times that I have had a healing with Amy, I felt centered, enveloped in love and had gained clarity about the situation. I'd recommend working with her any day."


Excellent and Grounding

“Just had a session with Amy which was amazing as usual. Her loving, compassion and generosity of spirit help me feel like it will all work out, and her gentle manner and healing feels like a true gift. Thanks for accompanying me on this journey Amy”


Full Spectrum Healing

"It amazed me how Amy helped me, without ever meeting me, understand a part of me I kept hidden to protect me. I thank you from the "whole of my heart" Your kindness was so genuine and that touched me. Thanks Amy!”


 Amy is so kind and gentle…  I felt so safe and embraced in love! 

"I had my first session with Am today.  If you haven’t set yours up yet, please do so.  Amy is so loving, kind and gentle, and really takes the time to listen.  I felt so safe and embraced in Divine love!"


Amy is an excellent experienced healer, very powerful session!

"I recently had my first session with Amy. We were not in person, but the connection with her was as if we were, a beautiful heart connection. I could feel how present she was with me, listening and asking questions. The conversation we had helped me go deeper and was a great set up for the healing session that followed, she was so engaged and present. The energy healing was beautiful, and relaxing too. I highly recommend Amy. I cannot wait for another session, which I already booked."


Helps Uncover What Needs Healing

"I love energy work and offer it to my clients but it's so hard to do it on yourself. Amy was able to help me uncover some areas that I could logically access but was disconnected from the feelings. Amy helped make those connections and as soon as the emotional body connection was made my pain melted away and I felt energy tingling through my entire body. I enjoyed the new awareness I gained through the healing session."


Overwhelmed with gratitude

If you haven't booked your session with Amy yet, do it!  Felt overwhelmed with gratitude for that gift. Thank you Amy. ❤️


Beautiful, Gentle and Deep

"Thank you Amy for your love & healing support! It?s rare to find such a pure, kind and powerful healer! Amy has amazing talent of leading me to a place that is soo safe that healing is the most natural and painless experience. Truly beautiful! I am Blessed to know her… Much Gratitude”



"Amy Martin is a master healer. I've had the privilege of working with her several times over the last year. Every single time she delivers amazing compassion, understanding, caring and holds the space for you to process your deepest pain, traumas and just plain old mess. Out of that she performs a deep healing. A healing that there are no words to completely explain. She has helped me to release a life long pattern with love and grace. I've come into a conscious space of self love! “


Amy is an excellent experienced healer, very powerful session!

"I recently had my first session with Amy. We were not in person, but the connection with her was as if we were, a beautiful heart connection. I could feel how present she was with me, listening and asking questions. The conversation we had helped me go deeper and was a great set up for the healing session that followed, she was so engaged and present. The energy healing was beautiful, and relaxing too. I highly recommend Amy. I cannot wait for another session, which I already booked."


Amy, is extra ordinary and gifted

"Amy is a gentle heart-ed individual who gives me hope for better world and my place in it. My session with her has helped me to feel more alive and creator of my life. I have hope that I am on the right track."


Amazing, beautiful and powerful healing

"I loved Amy's healing sessions, she got to the core of my issues quickly and simply, with no real effort on my part. I felt held, loved, seen and revered by Amy, enabling me to see them for myself. I am feeling more certain of who I am, my gifts, my purpose and am taking action in a more self-honouring, present and confident way. Thank you Amy, you really are a gift."


Unbelievable experience.

"There is no other experience like the one you will have with Amy. She is truly gifted, and heals from her heart to yours. She will learn about your prime concern, even when you may not know it yourself. You will feel the healing energy shift in your entire being, body, mind and spirit. Be prepared for a unique, peaceful healing along with brilliant insights into the origin of your physical and emotional pain. You will be forever grateful that you spent time with Amy B. Martin."


Truly the gift I have been searching for!

"(I bought a healing package of sessions with Amy and we meet about once a month). My healing sessions with Amy are truly the gift I have been searching for. I feel so nurtured and safe when talking with her and her deep heartfelt insights and sharing are so helpful, warm and compassionate…and I always feel wrapped in Divine love. It is truly a blessing. Thank you!! I look forward to connecting again soon. Much love to you Amy!"


Deeply held

"Working with Amy, keeps me diving into my stuff, unraveling the layers that keep me from being all that I am meant to be. I love more, love deeper, and show up more fully, after each healing."


Amazing Session

"I have had the opportunity to have several healing sessions with Amy and she is truly remarkable ... she holds the space of deep compassion and Divine love in all her sessions as you work through you deepest wounds, and you can feel this come through from the moment you are in her "Energy Flow' .. I would highly recommend her on your Healing Journey towards Self-Love ..."


Healing Support

"Love being supported and seen, as Amy does. We dont get enough of that...anywhere... but for sure... here. Deep powerful changes & inner transformations... always happen. Old patterns dissolve and our true selves...truly shine through. "


Amy is a wonderful healer

"It was a pleasure working with Amy, got to experience deeply letting go of stress, and stories that underpin the need to keep vigilant to control things don't go 'wrong'."


Energy Healing

"I would recommend anybody to a session with Amy Martin. The way she listens is a healing unto itself THEN...comes the healing. It's an experience unlike any other healing I have had, in any modality or realm, and I have had many over the years. I felt completely held, loved and acknowledged for the parts of me I like and the parts I don't want people to see, and this was a session experienced remotely, over the phone. I LOVE Amy Martin! I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't. "


Caring and Compassionate

"I had the privilege to meet Amy (over the internet) the other day. It really felt like she was right next to me, comforting and encouraging me and allowing me to express painful loss, grief and trauma in a safe space. She was so compassionate, caring, respectful and lovely, and I really felt acknowledged and valued. Both her words and her healing allowed me to begin a process that felt healing and liberating. Thanks so much Amy. Love your work!!"


Loved the session!

"Amy is so loving and compassionate, hears through your words and knows exactly how to support you in each and every moment. I left the session uplifted and looking forward to the next one!"


Healing session

"Each session I leave feeling more solid & connected to me & my purpose. I learn new ways of being to implement into my life & my business. Amy supports me in a way that I've never had before and this helps me step up in my life and in my own healing practisc/business. "


Seeing the true me and feeling supported

"You have an amazing gift to seeing through all the layers, and put words to describe me and my true potential, that I deep down know and recognize. You are supporting and promoting the true me with all my gifts to appear on the radar screen. I know a lot of people are waiting for me, and your support is helping this to happen. Lots of love to you, Amy! "


Thank you, Amy!

"You really saw the true me beyond all boundaries and limitation. -And to be seen and loved and supported as the big leader I am meant to be, felt really good and gave me strength. I loved the way you asked questions, to let me find my true, honest answers myself, and how you valued and supported that answer and pointed out the strength. You also made me realize my true life purpose, and how it felt to be there! I am now tuning in on that wonderful feeling in my creator mediation! MUCH LOVE, AMY"


Healing session

"Amy always let's us know we are seen , heard and acknowledged at the deepest core of our being. That in healing. I always feel so loved and supported. Amy teaches me , how to show up for myself & then for others. "


So real, so amazing

"I felt so relaxed and totally safe with Amy. She is an amazing loving person and her ability to hold you in her healing space is an incredible gift. I felt so filled with love and comfort. I left knowing that what I share with the world is my gift and Amy can show you how to access that energy in such a gentle and kind way, giving you confidence to go and do and BE! Thank you Amy!! "



A Healing With Amy

"I had an amazing session with Amy. She gently teased out of me what was wanting to be seen and heard. Then she did a healing with me and I really felt the increased vibration flowing through my body. The shift to be able to show up in my truth continues as I move forward. Fabulous! Thank you, Amy!!"


I felt better immediately

"If you'd told me a year ago that I'd be sharing my deepest feelings with a relative stranger via Skype to heal my energy, I would have laughed. But I found Amy via people I trusted & thought, "Why not?" After each call, I feel better. She is wonderfully empathetic, making our time all about me, but still sharing some of her own journey. She makes me feel loved & cherished, while also offering concrete advice. I make notes. I might have cried a bit, but I still feel much better. Thank you, Amy.”


Simply Miraculous

"WOW! Amy Martin is the real deal. I've had so many questions about my family history and events around a legal case in the early 1900. Hours after our beautiful session together, as if by divine intervention, I received an email detailing the family story and legal battle. It was as if the universe sent me exactly what I needed. Amy is so beautiful and literally totally amazing. Thank you, Amy."


incredible loving healer

"Amy is a gifted, intuitive healer. She is kind, patient and knowledgeable. She sees me as I truly am at my core and encourages me to release all that no longer serves me. Her ability to see all aspects of a situation and help me create a path to greater embodiment of my gifts and talents is unique. I am so grateful for her healing abilities to support me in my spiritual growth. xoxo "


The Power of an Amy Martin Session

"A session with Amy is something not to be missed. It can not exactly be explained as it will be slightly different for everyone. Amy's intuition is so right on. She has a different viewpoint than what you are expecting. Her healing insights for me were a lot more than healing. That was the beginning that lead to insights and inner awakenings. A whole new word opened up She has a way of instantly seeing me different than how I see myself. It takes a bit to accept and then becomes Wow!"


Held, Healed and Deeply Grateful with Amy B. Martin

"Words cannot capture the experience of total love immersion and reconnection to wholeness I embodied during my session with Amy. Grounded, peaceful, centered- transitioning from fear to courage. I recognize my innate ability to manifest and magnetize a deliciously abundant life. Thanks Amy, for facilitating my release of all the stuckness of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve, and allowing me to align with truth. Ah, so sweet!"


Healing session

"Part gentle coaching, part energy healing, sessions with Amy are wonderfully healing and clarifying. Amy's gift is nothing short of miraculous..."


An open letter from my heart to yours...

"I can't begin to try to put to words the profound effect my healings have been with Amy! I have to admit I was quite the interested skeptic at the beginning.... "How can a complete stranger in another country help me with the DEEP well of pain and sadness I am feeling in my heart?!" Regardless of my strange attitude and lack of understanding of what she was going to do with me I showed up to our calls and have NEVER been able to deny the magic she has shown me and the love she has given me. "


Amy Martin Healing

"Audio meditation, followed by talk with loving Amy, followed by audio meditation again. What a fantastic session. I finished feeling extremely mellow and relaxed, then 20 mins later I felt like dancing, energized. Something else, that I can not exactly label but a confident feeling that all would flow nicely and it did and still is."


session with amy

"what a lovely session I had. I process so easily and wonderfully with huge insights. Then the healing goes right in line with what is on my plate. I really felt different after the session. Not only calmer but shifted, enhanced and bigger in a way. great..cant wait to do it again."


Sooooo Gifted

"I've been around the block when it comes to healing, & Amy, is by far the best I've come across in her specialty.....she listens with deep understanding and the feedback she gives to facilitate healing IS spot on. I love how her sessions end with the crystal bowls playing in the background as she energetically clears all that is ready to lift. Thank You, I love you!!!"


Amazing Amy

"It’s hard to put words on my experience, but I can tell you that it was amazing! It was the first time that I felt safe to say what I really felt, to be who I really am and to accept to be so deeply loved by a person that I barely knew and that I also now love deeply!! Amy held the space I needed and showed me my gift oh so gently and with compassion...She helped me get access to the depth of my own heart and for that I am very grateful. Thank you, I love you!"


True healing

"It'a a very powerful session being held with such great care and love from a most sensitive and intuitive spirit in safe and nurturing space. True peace and insight results from Amy's talent and passion to find the healing for you. The blessing lasts for a long time and allows you to move on and move through the "stuff" in your life."


Healing Session with Amy Martin

"I've never felt as loved, seen, and heard as when I experienced a healing session with Amy. My whole being shifted to a higher vibration, enveloped in pure unconditional love.I can now see myself for the truth of who I am, and love and honor my inner child. Thank you Amy, from the bottom of my heart."


Deep Hearted Healing Energy

"Amy you were one of the biggest gifts to me in Margaret Lynch's Rockstar program. You have changed my life with your gifted...deep hearted healing energy. I missed everyone at ignite this year. I am going to find a way to purchase one of your healing packages so I can continue to work with you in my third year as a rockstar. Big hugs!! oxoxoxo"



" In my session with Amy, she held a loving container for me and shared many insights with me as we journeyed through the session. The shifts for me have been incredible and are continuing to unfold more each day. I recommend anyone who has not already done so to book a session with Amy and experience her heart of unconditional love. Thank you Amy! "


My inner light healing

"Amy is such a beautiful soul who helps you feel loved and accepted no matter what feelings and thoughts you have so you can freely express them. She sees your light as much as your inner critic may try to deny it and for someone who finds it hard to feel the energy in my body, she had me feeling my heart beating very strongly as it was expanding during her healing work."


Deep, extraordinary healing

"My most recent healing was amazing. I'm not even sure what the impact will be in the long-term, but today I made a video with ease and energy and confidence. Thanks, Amy!"


Amy is Amazing!

"Amy is such an amazing person to start. So sweet and gently and loving. And I always get so much from my sessions with her. I am able to feel more deeply, release blocks, and connect at a deeper level with my heart and soul. I so appreciate her insights as well. Working with her this year has allowed me to step more powerfully into who I really am and give myself permission to be more fully me! Which is an amazing gift. I highly recommend working with Amy. "


Love and Light

"It was a pleasure to have a healing session with Amy. Amy is a sweet and loving soul who has a natural gentleness within with wonderful healing abilities. Her Divine Love shines right from her heart which is felt quickly as well as the peace she has to offer. Thank you Amy! Many blessings to you and all. "



Inner Light

"I had the great pleasure to have a session with Amy, I should say an amazing session. I was going through a turmoil with a friend of mine and we could not find a way to communicate. We were both stuck in our pain and closed to each other. The session helped me open my heart again and within hours, the healing with my friend had started and we could talk kindly to each other again. Thank you so much Amy!"


A wonderful experience

"I was a little nervous about receiving a spiritual healing. As soon as I walked into the room all of my worries were gone, Amy has such a positive accepting vibe that you feel as soon as you meet her, she's such a loving beautiful person. I am so happy I found her and met with her. I feel so much better after only going once. I can't wait to continue to grow and heal. Thank you for your help along my journey, Amy.  "


Heart opening healing

"Amy is a gifted healer and listener. Speaking before the session she helped me to see how I needed to follow my soul calling and make it a priority. During the healing I had a difficult time relaxing until Amy prompted me to breathe into the sadness and grief in my heart that I avoid. As she focused the healing at my heart center I felt so much peace and opening. Even with the stress of life after the healing, I still feel the opening and know that a major shift has occurred. Thank you Amy. "


This is seriously real and life changing!

"As a neuroscientist I am often skeptical of things like energy healing but a session with Amy is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. The powerful internal shifts were palpable. It wasn't just placebo, I became a whole different person after my session with Amy. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me. Amy you rock! "


What a gift Amy is!

"Amy is an amazing healer. I had my second phone session with her on July 27th. I received both an emotional healing and a physical healing. Amy helped me to see how my natural energy which is soft and gentle is powerful and healing. That was a huge "a-ha" for me. During the second part of the session I felt a shift in the energy running through my body and I fell asleep. Each day my health is getting better. It's wonderful to feel so good physically."


Amy truly has an AMAZING GIFT of healing!

"I saw Amy for the 2nd time this past Saturday, 7/23 and it was nothing short of AMAZING both times! The 1st session was VERY emotional for me as we worked through some issues and I definitely felt quite a "shift" in energy, so this 2nd healing was even more profound for me! She is so nurturing and loving in her approach & communication, and it's easy to see she is 1000% Heart Centered. I was floating on a cloud for the rest of the day, & still feel AWESOME 2 days later!! :)"


Truly amazing!

"Amy is such an amazing healer. I had an extremely powerful phone session with her and could just feel all the energy running through my system. The hearings are deep and profound and her knowledge and guidance through the process was absolutely wonderful!"


Just lovely

"Amy is such a beautiful soul and so understanding, I love her sessions so much. I had a blockage and she helped me though it and help me understand where it was coming from. Thank you Amy"



Eye Opener Aha Moment

"Amy is so loving and perceptive. Not only did I get an amazing, calming, heart opening healing; when I discussed the issue I've been harshly judging myself for, Amy 1) told me exactly why the issue existed and 2) suggested a way for me to stop judging myself and see what's underneath. The very next day I was able to do that and what an AHA moment. A life changer! Thank you Amy!"


Life changing

" Since our session I have started to unfold the major reason that holds me back from success at work, and my athletics and in my relationships. Once I stepped into my power during our session I have never really came out of it. I completely understand how I have sabotaged myself in my life. Simply put I Misused my profile characteristics. For example, in competition I have tried to be a team player instead of a charismatic leader. Life changing!!!"


Clarity AND Energy Healing In One!

"Amy gave me BOTH clarity about my strengths and energy work that I could feel deeply! And throughout the session I could feel her deep, unconditional Love. The physical issue I discussed with her has not returned since the session, and that is a huge gift!!! Amy, I am beyond grateful for the time you spent with me!"


Insightful, intuitive, magical

"What a lovely gift my session with Amy was. She is so perceptive and loving. I felt seen and heard in a way that I never have before. It felt affirming to be seen for who I experience myself to be at my core. It was wonderful to feel the warmth in my belly and the openness of my heart during the session. Thank you, Amy, for helping me to see and to claim my unique gifts. Feeling confident and joyful about who I am is magical. "


Very soothing

"This was a great experience, very soothing and calming for me. Opening up my feminine energy. And all the energy coming from my crown chakra was very intense. Thank you Amy, I loved it. "


WOW! I have legs!!!

"Great session. I could really feel the pulse of life flowing through my legs and up my body. Thank you"


Working through my traumas/drama