Do Long Distance Energy Healings Work?




If you want to unlock the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of ENERGY, FREQUENCY and VIBRATION~  Nikola Tesla


I am often asked if you receive the same benefits from a Long Distance Energy Healing Session as you would in person, and the answer is yes.  The potential for a Long Distance Energy Healing Sessions is just as powerful and effective (if not more) as in person because of  "the concept that space and time are all mind made" AND because Science and research are now beginning to reveal that the more distance between the "energy healer" and the "energy healee" the more magnified the energy actually often becomes.


We also all have a deep innate knowing that we are all connected, and we know that Love and Light know no time, distance or space~ so it makes sense that energy can be sent easily and effectively to any distance, to anyone.  There is no time or space in the world of energy~ only Love and Light.  So the important thing here is to know you will always Divinely receive exactly what you need at the time. 


We also know that anyone has the ability to send good "vibes" to somebody long distance, it is there for all of us.  We do it through prayer and sending loving thoughts to our loved ones all of the time.  A Full Spectrum Energy Healing Practitioner learns how to hold their field  at a certain level of frequency and vibration.  If your intention is of love and light, energy healing will be received at the level you hold in your vibrational field. 

By the nature of experiencing a Long Distance Energy Healing session, you start to become consciously aware that if Long Distance Energy healing really works, you now have a "knowing~ness" deep within your Soul that sending negative energy Long Distance must work as well....and since Long Distance Energy Healing is becoming so common in our society my hope and prayer is that we, as a collective consciousness, will really begin to feel the reality of this concept and begin to bring more conscious awareness in and choose to abort the negative energetic missions we are sometimes sending our spirit on.


The ethics of long distance energy healing is first ask permission before sending anyone an energy healing.



Thank you! 

I look forward to connecting with you and your beautfiul Soul!