Grief And Loss Energy Healing Sessions



I Hold Sacred Space For People To Grieve


It Is One Of My Greatest Honors and Healing Gifts...

and A Huge Part Of My Life Purpose


I Specialize In Long Distance Healing Sessions

For Any Type Of Grief And Loss...



Loss Of A Beloved Loved One

Loss Of A Beloved Pet

Any Type Of Loss



Did You Know That


Grief Comes In Waves, Like Waves Of An Ocean?



That we aren't ever taught is that all it needs to be felt and honored?



That grief is not something that just magically disappears or even goes away after a certain amount of time... it comes in like the waves of an ocean and then it leaves... until it returns again... and grief is different for everyone and that it lasts as long as it lasts?...



That You Are Definitely NOT Crazy If You Are Grieving...  It Just Means That You Are Human AND That Ypu Have Loved Very Very Deeply?



And that no matter what anyone tells you, there's really no right or wrong way of navigating our way through this process?



When we can be with our grief, it’s such a deep and beautiful place within ourselves to remember our loved one who we have lost that physical connection to on this earthly plane...


And if we can truly be held in our grief and be with it and embrace it, we begin to see that it shows us just how deep our really heart is and that we have loved very very deeply...


And when we have a really solid and grounded safe container to lean into it...and really feel it... all of it...  it allows us to expand beyond the heartbreak, sadness and pain and creates more space for us to feel that Sacred and delicate place inside of our hearts that is always three for us... and we can really feel that they are always there with is and will live forever.



Hi my name is Amy B Martin, I know grief well, I have experienced many losses over my lifetime, ones that  at one time I thought I may never survive... one of the things I didn't know until not too long ago is that most people on the planet not only do not know how to navigate grief within themselves, but they feel uncomfortable and do not even know where to begin how to be there for someone else...  and becuase of all of this, I isolated myself for many years and I suffered in silence all alone with my grief... looking back now I can see why it is no wonder I struggled so deeply.. then I realized there's something really Sacred about grief and my ability to feel this deeply... and becasue of all of this, it is allowong me to hold a really beautiful and powerful healing space for others to heal. 

This is exactly why I am so deeply passionate about holding a Divine and Sacred Space for others to grieve and why it is one of my greatest honors. 


I specialize in long distance healing sessions to help anyone process any type of grief and loss...


Thank you for your willingness and trust in allowing me to hold this Sacred space for you and for also helping me live my life purpose!  It is the highest honor my Soul could ever ask for.


You Know This Is For You If:

*You Have Had A Recent Loss

*You Are Greiving And Can't Seem To Function Or Get A Handle On Life

*You Need To Feel Held In A Really Solid, Safe and Deeply Loving Container, As You Navigate Your Way Through The Depths Of Your Heart And Your Oceans Of Emotions



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