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Awaken To Divine and Infinite You! 

If you would like to experience the benefits of receiving Full Spectrum Energy sessions, but live too far away to travel, than you will be glad to know that they can also be facilitated Long Distance, in the comfort of your own home! 

The session consists of a brief phone or skype consultation to find out what you would like to focus on for your session, then we hang up, you lay down somewhere comfortable to receive your Long Distance Session (listening to one of the many beautiful Rhys Method Crystal Bowl downloads) and then a follow up phone or skype/zoom call at the end to bring completion to your session.


I offer Long Distance Sessions, by appointment only.  

Long Distance Sessions are usually between 60 and 90 minutes


Long Distance Sessions are done by PHONE and ZOOM.


Please ask about Package Pricing!  


Rhys Thomas Institute Students and Graduates discounts!





Amy also uses Crystal Bowls & Vibrational Sound Therapy

Combined with each session

Crystal Bowls are a very gentle, non-invasive form of alternative modality that works holistically to also assist in harmonizing the mind, body, emotions and spirit increasing deeper sensations, feelings and connection to your Soul and your purpose.



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Please remember when scheduling your appointment that you are booking in EST

(Eastern Standard Time)

Your session can take place in person, over the Phone or on Zoom from anywhere in the world.

I do have a 24-hour cancelation policy

so please kindly let me know if you need to reschedule.


Long Distance Sessions



*For your session you will want to wear comfortable clothes and have it to be a time and a place where you will have no interruptions.

*It is highly recommended that you use an eye pillow, or something to cover your eyes, during the long distance session. 

*To receive the most benefit from your session, it is suggested that you have a block of time to yourself where there will be no interruptions.

*The first part of the session will entail you contacting me

(via phone, skype or zoom) at the time of your long distance session.   

Once you sign up for your appointment you will receive your call in information with you confirmation from my  online calendar. 


*Then we will spend about 30 minutes and you can share what you would like the focus of the healing session to be, what is up for you at that time (physically  emotionally, spiritually, and/or energetically) and/or where you feel you need some support energetically.


*The second half of the session will take about 30 minutes and will entail having you find a quiet place to relax and lie down on a bed or a couch,

where you will be comfortable, as well as, a place where you are

able to listen to your crystal bowl download for approximately 30 minutes

while you to receive your long distance full spectrum session.  


*Once your session is completed to bring closure to your session 

we will only talk briefly for about 5-10 minutes

bc we want to support you in staying in that deeper feeling state.


Everyone's experience is completely different,

your session may take a few days, weeks or sometime even months to fully integrate... 


A lot of people find that a really beautiful and powerful way to support  

themselves after their session is (not required but if you can)

carve out some self care and quiet time in their schedule

 to help them fully integrate their experience 

so they will get as much as possible out of their session.  


Even if you don't have time to do this you you will receive exactly what you need.  


  It is also recommended (but NOT REQUIRED) that you download one of your favorite Rhys Method Crystal bowl MP3's and have them cued and ready to play during your actual session. 


 To get the most out of your long distance session(s) and to energetically support you it is highly recommended (but not required) that you please download the 

RhysMethod Crystal Bowl MP3 audio file that you feel called to at the time

TRUST where you feel where you need the most support right here right now.


To access the crystal bowl downloads by going to the RhysMethod on line store.



Make an Online Appointment




For your session you will want to wear comfortable clothes and have it to be a time and a place where you will have no interruptions. The first part of the session will be talking about what may be up for you emotionally, spiritually and/or physically relating to the transformational chakra/vow work you have been doing and where you feel you could use the most support energetically. 


The second half of the session will entail us hanging up the phone and having you find a quiet place to relax and lie down, on a bed or a couch, where you will be comfortable as well as be able to listen to your crystal bowl download for approximately 30 minutes while you to receive your long distance energy session.   When your energy session is completed we will talk briefly for about 5-10 minutes to bring closure to your session.

In a 60 minute session, we will have approximately 20 minutes to talk so I can understand what your healing goals are, the healing will take about 30 minutes leaving a few minutes at the end for any questions you may have.

In a 90 minute session we will have approximately 50 minutes for spiritual direction guidance that will take you into a deeper process/transformation .

Once you have scheduled your Long Distance session, please make a note on your calendar and plan on contacting Amy at the time of your session.

Please kindly give 24 hours notice for any cancelations.  



I am often asked if you receive the same benefits from a Long Distance Session as you do in person.  And the answer is that the potential for a Long Distance Sessions is just as powerful and effective as in person because of  "the concept that space and time are all mind made."  We are all connected and Love and Light know no time, distance or space~ so energy can be sent easily and effectively to any distance, to anyone.  There is no time or space in the world of energy~ only Love and Light.  So the important thing here is to trust in the process that you will Divinely receive exactly what you need at that time. 


Anyone has the ability to send good "vibes" to somebody long distance, it is there for all of us.  We do it through prayer and sending loving thoughts to our loved ones all of the time.  A Full Spectrum Energy Work Practitioner learns how to hold their field, which is being able to hold the 12 levels of consciousness at a certain level of frequency and vibration.  If your intention is of love and light, healing will be received at the level you hold in your vibrational field. 


By the nature of experiencing a Long Distance session, you start to become consciously aware that if Long Distance really works, you now have a "knowing~ness" deep within your Soul that sending negative energy Long Distance must work as well....and since Long Distance is becoming so common in our society my hope and prayer is that we, as a collective consciousness, will really begin to feel the reality of this concept and begin to bring more conscious awareness in and choose to abort the negative energetic missions we are sometimes sending our spirit on.


The ethics of long distance is first ask permission before sending anyone energy.


Thank you! 

I look forward to connecting with you!


  PLEASE NOTE:  Energy sessions have the ability to compliment most medical care that is already being given and often work beautifully together but it is never advised to be used in replacement of medical supervision and care from your primary doctor. 

Thank you!