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Happy Friday Beautiful Ones!💞💫💞

I am so over the moon excited to be seeing many of you at Margaret's Mastery Retreat in Natick at the end of May!


I can hardly wait to connect with you all. 

I wanted to also let you know that I have a very special announcement for you and as exclusive members of the 2018 Rockstar Transformation Program I wanted YOU to be the very first to know that I am doing things a little differently this year at Ignite 2018! 

AND I am sharing this with you bc I wanted to give you the first priority to take advantage of this special offer if it is calling you before it fills up!  💞💫💞

I launched an incredible "EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL EVENT REMOTE HEALING ATTUNEMENT PACKAGE" with so many amazing bonuses this year that I have only offered once before... it was such a huge success that i am going to be offering it again! 

This special pricing package offer with bonuses is only valid until the close of Margaret's Mastery Retreat 2018 (OR to the first 18 sign ups!  (whichever comes first) and then it goes away!)

AND There are so many incredible bonuses that are so so amazing that I cannot even promise that I will be able to offer anything like this ever again! 😘

So I wanted to give you some time to plan and to think about it so (again) if it is calling you, please act now before it goes away!

*If you would like to go deeper into your own personal transformational healing journey...

*If you have have already done a lot of deep inner healing work and you want to go deeper because you want to shine brighter...

*If you loved the healing sessions you have already had with me and the healing work we have done together resonates with you deeply...

*You do not want to leave any stone unturned...
...AND you feel called to continue to expand and stretch and grow deeper into your upward Karma Spiral... 

*You feel called to connect even deeper with your Sacred Calling and that Divine and Infinite part of you so you can shine your light even brighter...

*....Because you know that the world needs more conscious heat centered people, healers, and leaders like you in the world!


AND You don't want to miss this especially if you are interested in receiving an in person healing/attunement at Ignite 2018 because this year it is INCLUDED with my special event package! 

(in person healing attunement is only valid at Ignite 2018 and cannot be transferred to any other event).

So you will receive a personal healing/attunement while you are here in Boston at no extra charge! It is all included in one package! 

Which means that you can use from 30 minutes up to 90 minutes of your healing package time for your in person healing session while you are here at Ignite!!! ($100-$400 value!!!) I have never offered this before!

AND even if (sadly) for whatever reason you are unable come to Ignite this year, it is still an amazing deal even if you cannot be here to receive the in person healing attunement... we can do it long distance!! (I actually JUST had someone contact me this morning who cannot come and she STILL signed up for one of the remote healing packages!  )

Please note that the time slots tend to fill up fast so if you feel called to do this please go to my on line calendar NOW to receive the latest update of the current times that are still available before they all disappear! 

The only "catch" to this special offer is that you MUST be one of the first people to pre-purchase one of my remote healing attunement packages. 

I am offering it this way this year, as a really beautiful and powerful way to lovingly support you as you continue on in these next few months diving deeper into your own transformational RockstarRise healing journey… (so as kind and loving and giving as you all are, this offer is for YOU and cannot be shared ;) )

I cannot think of a more beautiful and empowering way for you to not only continue keeping your RockcstarRise momentum going, as your heart continues to expand and stretch and grow so you can hold more space for more amazing clients! (well except for if you signed up for the Transformational Methods Graduate Program, TIW OR if you were to continue working with Margaret and her amazing Team in some beautiful way of course!)...  😍

So Please Act Now Before They All Go Away! 

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: None of the healing sessions times are available while Margaret is IN Session so you wont miss a thing!!! 

AND IF for any reason any of the sessions run over, we will adjust your time accordingly so you don't need to worry about wanting to be in two places at once! As it is not my intention to pull you out of the room. :

Because the truth is, I would not be able to sleep at night if you missed even just one second of your amazing and captivating time with our beloved Margaret!!!

Of course since there are only a certain number of time slots in such a short period of time this offer is only good until all of the available appointments fill up!

There already are a few slots taken... so I guarantee that these won't last, as they always sell out really~really fast!

So if this is calling you, all you need to do is go to my online calender ASAP to sign up for one of the available times and reserve your spot now under "MASTERY 2018".

(Just a side note that i have closed my "regular" on-line calender for now, just the Ignite healings are visible there right now.... but i do have a few secret appointments available if you wanted to start with a remote session before Ignite just email me with a few days and time frames that flow for you and we an go from there!)

AND then go to this link PayPal below ASAP to prepay for your healing attunement package to guarantee that the time you chose will be reserved for you! 😘💞
and use this email address

AND Know That IF You Were Able To Reserve A Time On My Calendar It Means That You Qualify And Are One OF The First People To Sign Up!

And I Will Contact You ASAP To Notify You Of Your AMAZING Bonuses!!!

Please go to this link for more information and feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Whatever You Decide Always Remember: 

There is Divinity and Sacredness Within YOU Just Waiting To Emerge!

And That Your Calling Is Sacred And You Are So Worthy Of A Life That Is Full of LOVE and JOY!

And Your Greatest Love And Joy You Could Ever Offer Your Soul Is Fully Living Your Passion..... And Your Purpose! 

Just imagine rocket launching yourself into this coming year like a shooting star, as you tune in more and more deeply to that still small voice within you and you trust to follow the guidance of your Soul that is always there trying to lovingly lead you deeper into your life... and your purpose... while at the same time feeling completely held and wrapped in a blanket of Divine and Infinite love and emotional support! 

No pressure my loves, as I realize that this offer is not for everyone! BUT if you loved the healing sessions we have already done together this year and you would like to go deeper... because you want to shine brighter... bc you know we need more conscious heart centered leaders like you in the world... THAN.... THIS... IS... FOR.. YOU!!!!!

So if, and ONLY if, it is calling you, please act now because every year these time slots sell out very fast! AND please know that of course either way is fine! I feel so iincredibly honored and blessed to have walked this Sacred Soul journey with you all and I will still deeply and completely love you forever and beyond... and can hardly wait to see your beautiful sparkling, shining faces at Ignite!!! YAY! I cannot wait to see where this amazing and powerful transformational year leads you! oxoxoxoxo 💫💞Amy💞