What Is REIKI?

Reiki is a gentle hands-on Japanese healing technique in which the practitioner channels the infinite love of the universal life force energy (some people refer to this source as the Universe, The Divine, God, Jesus, Buddha, etc., depending on their religion and culture) to the client through gentle  placement of the practitioners hands.


This energy promotes balance and harmony in the body.


This results in deep relaxation and enables the body to self-heal.


Reiki is safe and never harms.


It can be combined with other medical and healing modalities. 


Western Medicine is accepting Reiki more and more. Many hospitals allow patients to receive treatments in conjunction with their medical ones.  Reiki practitioners have been allowed in surgery to stabilize the patient and in recovery to help speed up healing.


Reiki can help with anxiety, depression, medical conditions, and pain.


Reiki is not a religion and has no dogma.  For some it is a spiritual path filled with purpose and for others a healing technique for oneself and others.  


Reiki is for everyone and everyone can learn Reiki. 


No special talents are required.


Perhaps you desire to do healing work for yourself and others. 


Perhaps you want to help spread  healing- loving light on our planet. 


All are welcome to learn.


I started my Reiki journey in 2005.  It has been an amazing experience, and joy for me to have the honor to give Reiki treatments, and to introduce others to this beautiful and powerful healing technique. 


Anyone can learn Reiki, it is a gift, and a blessing to all.


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