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About Amy



Amy B Martin is basically an Angel on this earth here to help us regular folks feel infinitely better as we navigate these times!  You are in the most amazing hands with Amy.  She is loving and her remote healings are deep and she literally helps me to step into my power and she helps me feel that I am not insane!  She helps me to understand what is happening and why with love and compassion. 


One of my favorite Amy stories that I like to tell. I told them how Amy is an Angel that was jammed into human skin and your skin is getting so small that your angel wings are starting to poke through lol!!!  Love you to pieces Amy. 




Amy B Martin

Awaken The Divine Within

    Specializing In Virtual Energy Healings

And Soul Coaching 



                                             Healing And Beyond 

                          REWAKEN TO YOU AND YOUR SOUL GIFTS 

And Who You Came To Be In This Lifetime

Your Inner Calling Is Sacred

                 There is Nothing More Sacred Than Being You!        




Every session is highly individual and Sacredly unique to your specific healing needs and what you are trying to nourish and heal within yourself and your life and how it relates to your Soul.   



Because of Amy B Martin's unique gift her clients often say they are a “lifers” and will continue receiving healings with her because she is someone who listens with a non~ judgmental heart which they can really feel also deepens the healing process... so they receive so much more!


People just love the healing work they do with Amy because sessions with her not only helps them feel seen heard and understood.... but it also creates space for them to reconnect with their truest self and authentic power, but they also continue to remind them of the Gold that already exists deep within them and they can really feel how each session powerfully helps them stay in touch with that Wise Soul part themselves  

effortlessly facilitating deep and lasting change.



Your Inner Calling Truly Is Sacred


There Is Nothing More Sacred Than Being... And Healing YOU!


Amy B Martin is a world class Energy Healer and Soul Whisperer. She specializes in seeing the core Soul quality of her client’s truest source of authentic power and what is blocking it from a deep place of sensitivity, compassion and love.   

Reconnecting You With The Divine And Sacred Alignment Of Who You Really Are And Who Your Soul Is Calling You To Be In This Lifetime.​​


Amy’s heart centered intuitive gifts allows her to facilitate massive change for her clients resulting in feeling a deeper sense of inner peace that effortlessly creates more space for them to begin living a deeper more conscious heart centered life.


Highly in demand, Amy has a large international clientele and has worked with thousands of people worldwide.



Amy B Martin helps people call back their spirit and reconnect with the Divine Light… Inner Peace…and Joy of their Souls Inner healer that already exists within them… so they can really feel and remember the truth of who they really are and the Sacred Alignment of who their Soul is calling them to be in this lifetime beyond any limitations or dis~ ease.



Her clients say that they feel like they are receiving a healing even when she just listens… but oh you get so much more!


Reconnect With The Divine And Sacred Alignment Of Who You Really Are

And Who Your Soul Is Calling You To Be In This Lifetime.​​


Reconnect With The Divine Light... Love AND Joy That Already Exists Within You...And That Is YOU! And That Divine And Sacred Light That Has Always Been YOU!


Expand beyond your grief... trauma..... and wounds.... and evolve so you can shine your love... your light... and your joy even brighter. because you know that the world needs more conscious heart centered Mystics and Wounded Healers like you in the world!



Each session builds upon the last to Awaken YOU To The Divine Within and the deeper and deeper layers of who you really are.. when you embody your SOULS GIFTS... and your very reason for being here on the planet. 



Every session is highly individual and Sacredly unique to your specific healing needs and what you are trying to nourish and heal within yourself and your life and how it relates to your Soul, therefore I never know what to expect therefore I cannot make any promises or guarantees...

but it will ease pain, worry, fear, so you can have more courage and confidence as you go through your healing process.




Thank you, thank you, thank you Amy!!

The container that you held for me yesterday was just so beautiful and safe.  I really feel so much opened up and may still be opening. I really appreciate you and your work - it is so powerful and healing.  Please know that I really honor you and your gifts! I keep thinking about how easy it was to be with you in that space and how safe and trusting you were and are.  Thank you again so much!!  Sending you all the best blessings and appreciation for all that you helped me give to myself!!  And to the give of healing that you gave me too.



Healing And Loving The World

One Soul At A Time


Let Me Walk With You Soul To Soul 

While We Call Back Your Spirit


 Reconnect With The Divine And Sacred Alignment Of Who You Really Came To Be And Who Your Soul IS Calling You To Be In This Lifetime And Anchor That In More And More With EACH Session Until YOU Can Hold The DIVINE WITHIN YOU And ETERNAL Part Of You On Your Own.


To schedule a session please go to my CONTACT ME page here

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Thank you! ox


“I have come to draw you out of yourself and take you into my heart. I have come to bring out the beauty you never knew you had, and lift you like a prayer to the sky.”  Rumi



Ask How You Can Work With Me

So You Can Feel Softly Held, Honored And Loved

As We Gently Draw You Out Of Yourself

And We Bring Out The Beauty...Boundless Joy... And Love...

That You Never Knew You Even Had

As We Lift You Up Like A Prayer To The Sky!


I Only Have A Small Handful Of

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Each session builds upon the last to Awaken YOU To The Divine Within and the deeper and deeper layers of who you really are.. when you embody your SOULS GIFTS... and your very reason for being here on the planet. 


Every session is highly individual and Sacredly unique to your specific healing needs and what you are trying to nourish and heal within yourself and your life and how it relates to your Soul therefore I can never make any guarantees. 



Amy has been in the healing arts since she was in her late teens.  She has studied many world renowned healing modalities with Master Mystic Healers from all over the world for many years.  She is also graduate, from a 4 year Energy Medicine program training healers from all over the world in advanced energy anatomy techniques, psychological and spiritual assessments using a powerful toolbox of diagnostic tools, techniques and spiritual practices. 






Reconnect With The Divine Light... Love AND Joy That Already Exists Within You...And That Is YOU!

And That Divine And Sacred Light That Has Always Been YOU!


Reconnect With And Feel The Whispers Of The Still Small Voice Within

That Is Your Soul And The Divine Light

That IS Your Sacred Self





Imagine How Different You Would Feel If:​

*You felt fully and passionately connected to your Soul... and that deeper pull... that inner calling... and you allowed those feelings to guide you more than your mind?

*You were able to be completely YOU... vulnerable... real... Soul connected... and you were able to ask for your wants and needs freely from this deeper place within you with those you love?

*You love yourself so fearlessly and you trusted your own heart and your own inner callings and lovings of your Soul to guide you deeper into your life and your purpose?

*What would be possible?




Amy spiritually guides you in tuning into your hearts deepest dreams, desires,  prayers, and the still small whispers and voice of your Soul~ more than your mind...

as she helps to align your body... mind... and spirit... in embodying that higher vibrational frequency so you can begin being trusting and allowing your 

 Heart and Souls desires to call you more than your mind.


What you are being called to do versus who the world or others would like you to be is available in this Divine and Sacred container.


If you are here right now reading this it is already being Sacred and Divinely held for you as you begin to find the courage and strength to expand and move way beyond to-do lists and unmet things that you think you should be doing but just the very thought of it drains the life force out of you...

and instead gently gathering those still small whispers of your Soul

and creating a steady, grounded vision and plan to bring them into your everyday life.

It all begins by re-gathering your energy and strength 

through and holding...honoring... and presencing 

all that you have been through that got you where you are today...

and holding a deep and Sacred honoring of those parts of your

both in cleansing... celebration and releasing~


so you may create space not only within yourself and your life

but for your Souls Purpose and the reason that you were born to live




Amy B Martin specializes in Heart and Soul Intelligence, and how when we are able to use these portals as a Sacred and Divine filter they act as a beautiful spiritual guide leading us deeper into living our life with a greater sense of purpose and meaning...  and how when we learn to embody this state of presence... it truly is the greatest present... and gift we could ever offer both ourself and our loved ones.  


Do you ever feel lost... alone... trying to figure out this crazy thing we call life?

Do you long for~ and wonder~ your deeper sense of purpose and meaning in your life?

Is there a part of you that feels like something really big is missing in your life~ but you dont know what it is and you cant put your finger on it?

Is there a part of you that would love to heal your life from the inside out but you dont know where to start?

Do you long for a feeling of deep inner peace... deep connection... and the ability to feel seen, heard and innerstood... and seen for your spiritual gifts... while still feeling valued and loved?


If you long to reconnect with the deepest parts of you~ and really begin to feel deeply and Sacredly honored... cherished... and adored for your Souls inner light... brilliance... and gifts~ and become aware of the many ways your Soul loves you so so deeply and how it is literally calling you... and maybe even pulling you... every step of the way into living your life with more purpose and meaning.... than this is for you!



 Deep listening is the kind of listening that can help relieve the suffering of another person. You can call it compassionate listening. You listen with only one purpose: to help him or her to empty his heart.  

~Nhat Hanh


About Me  

Hi I'm Amy B Martin.  Growing up as an extremely sensitive Soul in a very scary...crazy and disassociated unloving world which was extremely confusing and painful for me.  


There was one part of me that felt so deeply and spiritually connected, more to the Soul world than to the physical world and I could see and feel that there was so much beauty love and joy all around me.  


But then there was another part of me very early on that not only felt like I had one foot in the spirit world and one foot barely here on the planet that I knew that the world was a very cold hearted... and even dangerous... and often unloving place... for being such a sensitive Soul

but I could also feel it.  


There was a part of me that could feel all of the pain and suffering in my family and the world on a Soul level and everyone around me was walking around acting like there was nothing wrong and that everything was normal.


When nothing about it felt normal to me and I couldn’t even pretend.


Which left me feeling overwhelmed and crazy and an inner torment and like there was something inherently wrong or flawed with me.


It was absolutely terrifying... and also heartbreaking to me.  


The only way I knew how to survive was by withdrawing, being invisible~ even hiding and living in my own world was the only way I knew how to manage how I was feeling and all that was going on inside of me. My deep spiritual connection was my life line.


I went through life feeling either unconsciously out of my body and disassociated or collapsed in overwhelm or spinning in anxiety and fear.


I had so much secret shame about this part of myself for most of my life  because I really felt like I was all alone and the only one who felt this way in the world.


I got to the point I couldn't even pretend that things were ok and I suffered for many years from panic attacks and extreme social anxiety starting at a very young age which made it really difficult for me to function.


 On the inside I secretly felt like when I came into this realm somehow I missed the manual on how to do this crazy thing we call life.  


I saw everyone else around me going about their daily lives acting as if everything was normal.  


When nothing about it felt normal to me.  


Leaving me feeling even more isolated and all alone and like there was something inherently wrong with me.  


I suffered in silence for many years feeling a deep well of anxiety.... loneliness... and a disconnect from myself and others... and an inner torment and a sense of quiet desperation.  


I really felt like I was all alone... and like I was the only one on God's big beautiful green earth who felt this way.


So for most of my adult life I felt like I was on a quest, desperately seeking and searching for answers... for healing... and for love...


there was a part of me that knew somehow it must be connected to the Great Mysteries of the Spiritual Realm...  

and Secrets of the Cosmos...

The Universal Intelligence... God... and/or to Life in some powerful way.  


But no matter where I searched, I couldn't find the answers my Soul was desperatly longing for.


 I even tried traditional talk therapy over the decades but for me nothing ever seemed to soothe my anxiety... weariness... or the sadness that I felt in the depths of my Soul...


and I never felt like it evolved my healing journey in any lasting way...


and it definitely didn't help me to be able to see or feel how my struggle was directly related to my spiritual gifts that I am specifically here to offer... or uplift me in any way. 


Then one day my world opened up and I began to learn all about metaphysics, esoteric, spirituality, and energy healing and my life began to transform right before my very eyes.


I felt a spark of light.. an enthusiasm for life.. for the beauty.. wonder...  joy and awe return to me...  and I could feel how that it was running through me and it reminded me of how I felt when I was a young child before things got really serious.


And in 1998 my Soul guided me~ or rather pulled me~ onto a wholistic healing path... and I was led to all different forms of healing modalities...


that long and winding road eventually lead me to an Energy Healing School where I learned about our pain to purpose...

and the power of our Big Why Soul story.  


I learned that I was more spiritually connected than some, and super sensitive... and sensitives we are born healers and that the world needs more healers like us in the world.... and that the deeper our grief and our sorrow is... the more love and joy we can also feel.


And I also learned that the deeper our inner torment was and our wounds are... the greater our gifts are when we heal through them, and in that moment when I heard these words, it literally took my breath away... and I burst into tears and I cried from the depths of my Soul and what felt like many lifetimes of tears because in that moment the whole of my life finally started to make perfect sense to why I suffered do deeply for most of my life... and why I had always been called to be a healer even though back then I couldn't seem to even help myself.  




 I felt like new life was being breathed back into me and like all of the pieces of the Sacred and Divine puzzle were finally falling into place, like a beautiful mosaic.  


And in an instant of hearing those words all of the many years of pain...  struggle... and inner torment... not only instantly integrated into the whole of my being... but they transmuted into such beauty, humbleness and grace... I finally felt like I touched my Soul and remembered who I was... and why I was here... at the deepest level, and I finally INNERstood my life... and my purpose.


I learned how there was never ever anything wrong with me...

That God doesn't make mistakes

and that the thing that caused all my pain and suffering was the rejection of my sensitivity and my ability to love and feel deeply.  


This was all deeply and Divinely orchestrated and connected to who I am and what I am here specifically as a Soul on the planet to do.  






Then I slowly started learning the healing power of being witnessed sharing our stories... and feeling held in my deepest darkest story that I carried as a trauma that left me feeling like a mess and broken for most of my life....


and I began to feel how powerful transformative and healing it is

just being seen for our own story,

and being seen for our gifts that come through owning our story


and that the true raw power and beauty of healing occurs when we find the courage to be seen


by other beautiful Souls like yourself 

who also have a powerful story to share...

and who also have their own specific Soul gifts that have come out of those darkest times...  

and often for the very first time in our life when we finally feel seen...

held and loved 

for all of who we really are... 

on a deep Soul level beyond not only within

but also beyond all of our traumas and wounds...


That Is Where The Real Healing Occurs


Because the truth is,

after offering thousands of healings

for almost 20 years

what I have come to realize is


that no matter what our social... financial and/or economic status is... 

or how much money we make...

or how successful we are...


what every single person on the planet desires for

and longs for

the most in the world

is to feel


real love...


and connection...

real connection...

not the fluffy superficial love or connection that often still hides our the raw power and beauty of our vulnerability


We ALL long for that true raw power and beauty of that deep Soulful vulnerability... love... and connection...


and no one on the planet knows how to do it and we are all terrified of it


Then one day I realized that I am that raw power and beauty of that vulnerable Soul love... and connection...

You are that raw power and beauty of that vulnerable Soul love... and connection...


and when we find the courage within us to reconnect with and love that Eternal part of us...  and others...


we not heal not only ourselves... but we also have the ability to heal this big beautiful world... one Soul... at a time...

with grace and ease...





I am a healer and Soul whisper at heart and am here to gently remind others that no matter what they are going through that they are safe and they are so deeply loved and that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.


My specialty is holding Divine and Sacred space for sensitives and healers to process their deep well of emotions and all that they are sensing and feeling... and how to learn how to love... embrace and listen to that still small voice within and whispers of the Soul... so you can begin to feel what once felt like a curse is actually your greatest gift not only to yourself... but everyone whose life you touch....  


Guiding people back home to themselves.... and their spiritual gifts... over and over again... no matter what is going on inside of them... and no matter how long it takes...


When we touch our Soul and we remember who we truly are and we embrace these deeper parts of us, we can see and feel how all of our pain and struggle are all Divinely and directly connected to our Soul's calling and our purpose... AND the healing that we are here on the planet to do...  and when we do, the healing can happen in an instant.  


This is exaclty why I am so deeply passionate about this Sacred calling because I truly believe the world needs all the healers it can get more than ever right now.


I would be deeply honored to be your guide, as you move forward on your journey of innerstanding yourself and why you are here.



My Journey

Ever since I can remember I have always felt called to be a healer...and never lost connection to that still small Eternal voice within... and that inner pull... I have also always been deeply connected spiritually and have loved ALL creatures great and small... and have been doing some sort of healing work... and really just loving... one Soul at a time... ever since I can remember.  I’ve always loved it! 


I didn't realize at the time that all of this was a deep Soul pull... and an inner calling for me to not only heal myself... but love myself first.  




Looking back on my life, I truly felt like there was something inheritantly wrong with me, and like I had been secretly and desperately seeking and searching for healing my whole entire life... just trying to ‘find the missing link’ to all of the hidden secrets of the Universe... that I always felt like I was the only one who never received the manual to...

I felt such a deep inner longing to reconnect with... and really find... the answers to these secrets... so I could begin to reconnect with and really feel... and see the joy... and beauty everywhere... and learn to love of life again... like I remember feeling as a child... but no matter how hard I tried I so often felt either sad, overwhelmed... collapsed... or spinning out of my body... and either way I felt completely unfulfilled… with no energy to live my life or my purpose.   Which created what felt like an endless well of pain and suffering.

I have never been into the temporary quick fixes, where I would feel good for awhile… but true, deep, genuine, long lasting FEEL GOOD.  That's what my Soul was longing for and I craved for... and I just knew in the core of my being that no matter what it took, I had to do whatever it took to find it.

After many many years of desperately seeking... and searching... and investing thousands of dollars in sessions with world famous healers.. and even many world renowned certification program after certification program…. as if my life depended on it... 

I couldn't believe I actually finally found it!  


And I realized that the thing that was missing all along was... ME!!!  





And when~ at the core of who you are~  you finally find something that is truly unique and amazing.... and genuine... and it resonates so deeply that it really gets to the ‘heart of the matter’…of course, your Souls just leaps for joy and wants to share it with anyone who's life you have the honor to touch.  

Because I know… there are many many other beautiful Souls like yourself who this deeply resonates with... who are in the same exact struggle... walking in the same shoes.  So instead of YOU spending years and years desperately seeking... and searching for it, and spending your well earned money… I’ve shortened the healing path for you.

I love how when clients come to me we are both helping each other live our life purposes... and so you get to be YOU and I get to be ME.. you get to explore this deepest part of you... there is no greater gift anyone can offer me just showing up and allowing me to SEE you and just hold a really deep Sacred and loving space for you and being that loving  person... and honoring all of YOU... 



Imagine how different our world and our life would be if we could offer that for each other.... when it's what we all longed for as a child... but no matter how much our parents and our loved ones love us most do not even know how to offer that to us.


So many people often share with Amy that she is such a beautifiul witness and an Angel for them because they are able to share things with her that they have never shared with anyone before... and how good it feels to not only share these things... but to feel deeply and Sacredly held in that deepest most Eternal part of themselves... while others say that she is an Angel for them...

and even their "crying coach"...

and how they really look forward to our time together because they feel they have no one they feel safe with

or trust to hold this deepest part of them.




This feeling time is so foundational and highly compliments the deep and powerful transformational healing work I offer that really is cutting edge and truly is the fastest way to your own personal transformation and spiritual growth that I have found.


That is why I have also been so passionate about this work... and why I am still o faculty at the 4 yr Energy Medicine School I graduated from since 2009.  I have also studied many other world renowned healing modalities and I am also also a daughter, an aunt and a loving friend.


I specialize in honoring your feelings no matter what is going on in your life... or where your feelings are taking you... I am right there with you... holding you...  it is such an amazing honor for me every single time I am able to to hold space for you to helping you not only innerstand your feelings, but also embrace them, because they really are deeply connected to the core of all addictions, chronic illnesses,unhealthy/toxic relationships and the feelings of aloneness... emptiness and unworthiness... and even physical emotional and spiritual pain/suffering and feelings of being unlovable and/or even feeling like we don't have the right to exist... take up space... or even be in the world.. 


My intention during each session is to hold a really gentle deep and soft Sacred healing space for you... and gently guide you on how to connect with and embrace your feelings so you work with them~ rather than against them so you can begin to manage your feelings and your emotions in a really solid healthy balanced way, in your day to day life.... so you no longer feel badly about yourself for being a really super sensitive, deep feeler.... and not having as much energy as others.




My specialty is loving you exactly where they are at, so that you can reawaken and reconnect back to your very own unique Life Purpose and reason for being here on the planet... and help you not only innerstand your very Sacred, unique and Divine energetic blue print... but also how to love and embrace it to maximize that to your fullest and highest potential...  and feel how it feels like on a very first chakra foundation level when you embody and love our own unique spiritual gifts... each session builds upon the last to anchor in the healing and continue support you in living more and more from your Soul rather than your mind and what the world values and/or expects from you.


When I first started my healing journey, I could really see and feel the benefit of ‘talk therapy’ and benefited from it for many years but once I started to really heal and move beyond just surviving and coping, I could also feel how it was missing something big... something that went deeper.... but I could never put my finger on it... I could just FEEL how it was missing something and how it really needed a boost.  

This is where the energy work came in for me.





Infused together, these powerful combinations compliment and enhance the healing potential so so beautifully and powerfully and create real beauty... magic and real log lasting deep transformation!


I bring a lifetime of healing and over 20 years of spiritual guidance experience to my practice and draw on a huge toolbox of healing techniques and tools to support your transformational healing process and path to the most authentic version of you and your Soul's highest potential.




After all of my years on my own inner healing path, I can not only finally truly feel... but also embrace... that I came into this lifetime as a healing lifetime... so I could heal many layers and levels that I have carried over from other lifetime... and so I could heal all of my past lives all in this present life... and I have found that it takes a tremendous amount of courage and strength to carry such a deep well of healing.... and Soul wisdom... and beautiful but gentle river that softly flows with power... beauty... and strength.


Healing The World Truly Begins With Healing And Loving Ourselves.... and The World... 

One Soul At A Time.


Your inner Calling Is Sacred

There Is Nothing More Sacred Than Being...

And Healing YOU!





I Have Come To Gently Draw You Out Of Yourself And Take You In My Heart.

I Have Come To Bring Out The Beauty You Never Knew You Had, 

And Lift You Like A Prayer To The Sky.” ~Rumi




Amy is not a physician or a therapist nor does she diagnose illness or prescribe medication... and her work is not to be used in replacemnt of either..

She makes no promises, claims, guarantees or representations regarding medical diagnosis and/or medical treatment, and is neither diagnosing, preventing nor treating specific mental, emotional and/or health challenges, therefore payments are non refundable.  

Full Spectrum Energy Healings help to charge, restructure, clear, ground and energize each of the energy centers so you can begin to feel connected to your life and your purpose again.

  Full Spectrum Healings are about helping you feel your deeper Soul inner purpose and calling and feel that connection with your life, balancing, aligning and supporting your nervous system allowing you to remember who you really are and what it feels like to be you at the deepest level.  

Sessions have the potential and ability to compliment most medical care that is already being given and although they can work beautifully together, it is never advised to be used in replacement of medical supervision and care from your primary doctor or therapist. 

Energy healing is a simple, gentle, long distance and also hands-on energy technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation.

Energy Healing practitioners do not diagnose conditions nor do they prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

Energy healing does not take the place of medical care. It is recommended that I see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment I may have.

Energy Healing can beautifully and powerfully complement any medical or psychological care you may be receiving, knowing that the body has the ability to heal itself and to do so, complete relaxation is often beneficial.

Long term imbalances in the body sometimes require multiple sessions in order to facilitate the level of relaxation needed by the body to heal itself.