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Amy B. Martin

 Certified Master Energy Practitioner 

Certified Full Spectrum Energy Practitioner

Master Haler/Chakra Energy Attunements/Life Purpose Mastery/Spiritual Guidance/Soul Readings/


Connect With The Ability To Sense And Feel

A Deeper Sense Of Meaning And Greater Purpose In Your Life!


Amy specializes in seeing the core Soul quality of her client’s truest source of authentic power and what is blocking it. 

Her intuitive gifts and skill in Full Spectrum Energy Work allows her to facilitate massive change for her clients resulting in more...

love.... energy... confidence... inner peace... and clarity...

allowing them to live a more radiant heart centered life...

gaining the confidence and courage to live the life they have always dreamed of!




*Do you feel out of balance or overwhelmed?

*Are you lacking energy... and sometimes even feel like you need a vacation from life?

*Do you feel disconnected from your Soul and your Life Purpose... but at the same time you also feel called to do something more with your life?...


...and even just the thought of all of this may even feel too overwhelming or even make you feel a little crazy sometimes??? 



If you can answer yes to any of this you are not alone,

that it is why we all not only need to

learn the language of our Soul by receiving regular Energy Attunement Sessions

but it is also why we need to have 

our CHAKRAS balanced regularly!    

IT is the missing link!



Live the Life you Love!

Love the Life You Live!


There is Divinity and Sacredness within YOU!

You are worthy of a life full of LOVE and JOY!


When it is just you, you feel connected with your own Sacred and Divine Intelligence and inner calling, you can feel the expansiveness of your Heart and your Soul and you can feel the pull of the still small voice within you, you feel like you are totally connected and you can feel how you are being called to do something more with your life.  


But then there are also the moments where it feels so overwhelming... scary...  

 terrifying.... and extremely painful... you feel contracted... small...unworthy...

and insignificant...to the point that you feel crazy because

even the thought of being seen shining your brilliance 

and your light, makes you collapse and want to give up


You know all too well by now that this pattern has caused you you a tremendous cycle of pain and suffering and you have this deep inner knowing by now, that you can’t do it alone... 

...and the good news is, now you don’t have to


Be Divine And Infinite YOU!






Hi my name is Amy B Martin,

I know what it feels like because I have been there too.

Not many people know this about me but I tormented myself for years knowing I was called to do something more with my life…

something that made a difference for me and for others.

I felt a deep inner calling...

 a pull, an inner longing~ but I was much too afraid to take the leap of faith...

to put myself out there in a bigger way and be seen in a greater light.


Because who was I and how could I possibly survive

doing what I was feeling called to do?


It was too hard, I was terrified.  I had tried for years on my own and it was an extremely painful process & it never seemed to get any easier.


Then in 2009 my life completely turned around, now I am living my passion & purpose

that is why I love nothing more

than holding a really deeply Sacred and loving heart space

for you to unconditionally see your light

(beyond your story )

and being steadfast in holding that space for you

and reminding you of the truth of who you really are..

and being there for you... and holding that for you,

especially when you forget



IMAGINE..... how different would your life be a year from now if you lived and breathed from this place and you knew in every cell of your being that this IS Your Divine Birthright?!


Where will you be a year from now if you didn't live and breathe from this place?


Can You Afford To Wait Another Day... or Year?

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 Full Spectrum Energy Attunement Special Package Pricing!

 email me at amy@amybmartin.com 

Each session builds upon the last to grow and restructure your chakra energy and presence to powerfully impact your energy to support you in following your Soul's guidance and learning how to love the life you live

and live the truth of who you really are.


Soul Readings and Spiritual Guidance Is Beautifully Woven Into Each

Energy Attunement Session

Spiritual guidance enhances your sessions and your life by:

  • Discovering the language of your Soul and connecting with your deepest calling

  • Feel held in unconditional love support as you trust to follow that inner voice and pull so you can begin fully living your life, and your purpose and be the person you were born to be

  • Feeling completely held as you process your thoughts, feelings and emotions in a really safe and loving container

  • Receiving unconditional love, support and guidance from your Soul

  • Feeling greater level of self awareness, self-acceptance, deep sense of  inner peace, joy and fulfillment in your body and your life

Spiritual guidance is often used in conjunction with energy healings to help integrate each session and to facilitate transformation at a much deeper level.  The energy attunements helps to softly clear, open balance, ground and energize the chakras, gently bringing underlying emotional and physical blockages to the surface to be transformed once nd for all.

This allows for a freer and quicker path to greater clarity and a deep sense of inner peace and joy that radiates from the inside out.



What Are Full Spectrum Energy Attunements?

They Balance, Ground, Rewire Our Chakras

And Transform Our Nervous System!


Easily And Effortlessly Unwinding Our Body And Mind 


Balancing, Grounding, Clearing, Energizing And Realigning Our Chakras

Activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System 

Allowing Our Body To Deeply Relax, Reset And Renew 


Awakening Us To Our Heart And Soul's Truth


Allowing Us To Connect With And Feel 

A Deeper Sense of Passion, Enthusiasm, Purpose 

And Meaning In Our Life



One of the many full spectrum energy attunements that I offer is the Chakra Balance.

The chakra system is a lens in which we live our life through.

We all have a physical anatomy, the chakras are our energetic anatomy.

The picture above is a beautiful and powerful lens to see and feel ourselves through and to begin to understand what imbalanced and balanced may look and feel like for us.

The goal of the chakra balance is to bring the entire energy system back into balance so we can be fully functioning in our life... and living our purpose!



What Are Chakras?

Chakras are a beautiful lens to look through to understand our energy and our lives.  They are much more than spinning wheels of light or "vortexes of energy" that are coned shaped located in the front and back of our body that radiate out from us into our field/aura that open and close depending on who we are with, our environment etc...   

Our 7 chakras work together in a very unique and beautiful way.    They are gateways of consciousness and lenses through which we see different aspects of our lives and they also help us connect us to Universal energy and to Source and to our life purpose.   

Chakras are energy channels that we all have to attract our life and our purpose to us and express it physically, emotionally, through our actions, in our relationships, in how we communicate, in how we think and how we connect to a higher source.  Each one of our chakras are specific levels of our consciousness and awareness, (and Gateways to our Soul) that are not only specifically tuned to our unique spiritual gifts but they are always calling us deeper into our life, and our unique purpose... every moment... of every day.  

...We just need to learn the language of how our chakras speak to us... as well as. how to listen.


Are Your Chakras Blocked?  

We all have blocks in our chakras because as a child we weren't seen by our parents and family for our spiritual gifts, so at a very early age we learn to reject those parts of ourselves in order to get the love attention and approval we so long for as a child... they become rejected parts of ourselves.  So if you have vowed not to be all of who you are, that is when you shut down your chakras and you will get pain and often illness in the area of your life that you rejected.  An example is if you had a lot of trauma as a child, you may not feel safe in the world... and you may often feel anxious and panicky and not understand why. 

If you have rejected your passion or feelings (second chakra) you may over time have intestinal issues and/or headaches.

More and more people are waking up to the fact that energy healing exists and it is so popular that it is going main stream these days with so many practitioners offering an array of different kinds of powerful healing modalities.  I have studied so many energy modalities and have tried almost every modality out there and I personally feel that Full Spectrum Attunements are one of the most powerful and deeply energy modalities that I know of to fully re~balance and renew our energy system...  very similar to pushing a reset button on a computer.


What is Full Spectrum Energy Work?   

Think of the energy that flows in our body as very similar to the flow of water in a river or stream.   When we are in prime physical, emotional and spiritual health, we can feel how everything is flowing easily and effortlessly throughout our system without any issues or problems. Now imagine a river or stream during a hurricane or storm when leaves, sticks and branches and other debris fall into the river and you can begin to notice how  the flow of the water changes.. and then when we add a few rocks here or there amongst the sticks and branches you can actually begin to see the flow of the river being blocked.

When people suffer from a dis~ease or an illness, their energy system is doing something very similar to this because the energy of the body becomes more like a dam in the river.... flowing a lot slower and much less efficient.  Receiving a Full Spectrum Attunement is like a Sacred and Divine clean up crew coming in and removing all of the debris from the river or stream and repositioning all of the rocks to allow the body’s energy to flow much more freely, easing the blocks and congestion that created the illness in the first place.


Every time you receive a attunement session, they realign you, and your chakras, back to your Soul's truth and natural state of being (before your programming, wounding trauma and vows became deeply hardwired and imprinted causing them to not function as well)~ liberating your energy and allowing you to fully live the life you were born to live with a sense of freedom, flow and ease... by re~awakening you to a deeper level of your Divine and Infinite potential... and the Sacred gifts that your Soul was born with.


What Does True Health Have To Do With Energy Anatomy?

What many people may not know is that not only do we have a physical body but we also have an energy body.  There are seven major energy centers in our energy body also known as chakras.   These energy chakras each have a major nerve bundle that directly corresponds with the endocrine glands in our body and each nerve bundle or chakra has their own unique characteristics of color, vibration, sound, and frequency that assist the body in functioning at optimal health.  

For example, Chakra one is all about survival/family/tribe/and our physical body; the demon is fear; the color is red and it vibrates at the sound frequency of C...

Our energy body develops and grows over time just like our physical body. Our chakras begin developing before we are born starting at the very basic first chakra physical level, which is at the base of our spine, and proceeds upwards as our body continues to grow. Each chakra has its own nerve bundle, color, body structure, vibration, and frequency of energy and sound that when all are in balance allows us to feel optimal health.  

Full Spectrum Energy Attunements work with each of the chakras energy centers at its own frequency, vibration and color.  The Full Spectrum energy worker uses the seven colors of the rainbow which are the  “full spectrum” of the rainbow.  If you have ever felt overwhelmed,  stuck in your life, or maybe you feel little to no energy; or disconnected and unable to think clearly; or maybe you are crying on and off and you feel overly emotional for no apparent reason, and no-one can figure out why any of this is happening it is very likely is related to changes in your chakras and energy system.  Everyone on the face of the planet can benefit a boost from receiving a Full Spectrum energy attunements.

What To Expect

Full Spectrum Sessions are usually done while the client is full clothed lying on a healing table in a quiet and tranquil setting.  The person is relaxed with an eye pillow and the practitioner uses a gentle non~ invasive light touch on different areas of the body while listening to crystal bowls to help support yur energy body in coming back into full balance and wholeness.  Each session is between 60-90 minutes long and highly individual and unique to the patient’s need on that specific day.


Are you ready to increase your deepest sense of purpose and meaning in the world?


Are you feeling called to awaken that Divine and Infinite part of you... that which is extraordinary within you so you can be an inspirational and guiding light in the world today?

Are you heart-centered, (and maybe you have even already done a lot of deep inner work) but you feel deep within you that there is still something big missing in your life... something more... something greater... but you can’t quite put your finger on it?  

Simultaneously feeling a calling and a pull deep within your Soul to a higher purpose to contribute in the world in some deeper way?

If You Can Answer YES Tho Any Of This

Then Full Spectrum Energy Attunments Are For You!



Energy Attunements and Full Spectrum Session with Amy consists of an initial assessment of the seven main chakras, a chakra balance, and a vibrational crystal bowl and full spectrum attunements tailored for your particular needs that include balancing and clearing any blocks in the chakras and five spiritual centers in the body.


There will also be a clearing and disconnecting of dysfunctional energy, upgrading your energetic system along with clearing and recharging your Auric field.

I work with clients who struggle with the realization that their pains, struggles, and repeating negative behaviors require a non-traditional approach to balancing, centering, calming, supporting their issues to calm and soothe the nervous system.


The energy sessions I offer can be done in person or long distance anytime you feel out of balance in your life or if you feel disconnected and out of alignment from your Soul and your truth.   

(Your session can take place either in person, phone or Skype from anywhere in the world).  


Although it is virtually impossible to describe a healing session with words alone, through the synthesization of the extensive state of the art energy medicine training Amy has learned how to gently invite your energy system to come into re-alignment with your Soul's Divine and unique purpose and feeling connection to your own innate rhythm and balance. 

Each person's experience is highly individual, the intention throughout each of your long distance sessions will be customized to focus your healing on your specific needs, and blocks and designed with the intention to gently create an opening for you to be able to touch your Soul and reawaken to the power, beauty and the brilliance and truth of what it feels like to be Divine and Infinite YOU... maybe deeper than you ever have before.



You Are In The Right Place If: 

* You have done a lot of deep inner work already and you want to go deeper because you want to shine brighter.


* You are ready to invest in YOU!


* You are ready to discover and awaken the brilliance and beauty of Divine and Infinite YOU



Ask About Package Pricing!

Right now I am offering an amazing discount pricing if you buy a packages of  sessions...  

I have never offered package prices this way before... the price is so good that I cannot guarantee that I will ever be able to offer it again!

Hurry Act now! 

This offer is not for everyone, but if this is calling you,

I look forward to hearing from you!

Please Note: package sessions must be used by one person only and package session time cannot be shared. 


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Thank you for helping me live my life purpose!




 Full Spectrum Attunements and Energy Work is about helping you feel your deeper Soul inner purpose and calling and and feel that connection with your life, balancing, aligning and supporting your nervous system allowing you to remember who you really are and what it feels like to be you at the deepest level.  

Sessions have the ability to compliment most medical care that is already being given and although they can work beautifully together, it is never advised to be used in replacement of medical supervision and care from your primary doctor or therapist. 

Amy makes no guarantees or representations regarding medical diagnosis and/or medical treatment, and is neither diagnosing, preventing nor treating specific health challenges, therefore payments are non refundable.