The Soul Heals~Love Heals

Scared (SACRED) Inner Child





Scared (Sacred) Inner Child

It is so interesting that we can all know exactly what we need to do and still not be able to do it if we don’t continue doing our inner work.  This is exactly why it’s so so important for us all to have at least one person that we feel safe with who can Sacredly presence honor, and hold these parts of ourselves even if it is a trusting and loving friend/family member or even a therapist/healer/coach until we are able to hold these tender, vulnerable beautiful parts of ourselves on our own.


This process has been everything for me, and I can really feel how beneficial it can be to do inner child work sometimes every day because the next thing I’m about to stretch into and expand into always scares me and creates a lot of anxiety for my inner child… like following a calling to not only delve in and explore deeper hidden parts of my creativity~ like painting... and writing~ sharing my deepest thoughts and feelings and my own journey.  and reconnecting with these parts of myself that I thought were lost and then openly sharing on social media….



The more I do this work the more I realize that these parts of me have always been there all along they have just been deeply hiding… and so when I step up and am seen in a deeper way.... even though these things all are all amazing and wonderful and what my Soul is longing for the most but if I’m really honest with myself they are also often super scary for my inner child.


It helps me to remember that we all have an inner child who is always lingering in the background of our being~ness afraid of changing and being seen in a bigger way and it will do almost anything to try to protect us. For me I have found that it makes all of the difference in the world when we are able to talk to this deeper part of ourself, and we are able to lovingly support and hold our inner child the way we needed as a child and then still allow our beautiful self to still show up and shine through and do the things that we know our Souls are here to do that we are being called to do.


Sadly most of us have had to learn the hard way and learn that when we leave our inner child all alone and scared to protect our adult self, it is like our adult part of ourselves is literally hiding behind our our inner child self and that makes it even more terrifying and scary for us... and we’re often going to find a thousand brilliant and creative ways to hide and sabotage ourselves so we don’t actually have to do the hard scary thing... and I’ve noticed that all of this is magnified a thousand fold especially when it is our Soul calling us deeper into our life…. and our Sacred purpose and calling.


So, whatever you do please be gentle and loving with yourself the

way you would a beloved child because you can also think of a thousand creative brilliant way to love ... honor... adore and cherish... these parts of you... and don’t believe for one moment that your Soul, Source, God, The Universe (or whatever higher power you resonate with) has something else planned for you, you absolutely have the heart and Soul and the inner light to bring to the world and for doing the thing that not only deeply terrifies you the most.... but also that you yearn for and deeply calls you to the most, and you are meant to be and do every single ounce of it.


And know that it doesn’t all have to be done today, as long as you know deep in your heart and Soul that that is where you’re being lead to and guided to... and you keep taking baby steps (which are really quantum leaps) and continue turning towards that light within you... and know that every time you trust it is safe to come out of your shell~ and you trust it is sometimes it is actually safe show up in your life in a deeper way~ and you continue facing towards the light that always lives and breathes within you… that Divine part of you that already exists deep within you… and you also gently and softly hold, honor, love and adoringly cherish those lost shadowy parts of our scared child self if whenever needed…. this is how we all heal...



And if any of this resonates with you, know in your heart that you are not crazy OR alone…. and that it also means you’re on your spiritual path and getting closer and closer to your core Soul essence and you inner light…. and truly everyone has to go through this process of strengthening and healing our scared Sacred inner child self so that we can fulfill our Soul purpose. All of this honestly is the deepest part of our Souls Sacred calling… and a huge part of our healing…. and evolution… and really the only reason we are all here on this beautiful planet and to remember that we are all Souls here having a human experience, (and not the other way around)…. and that our Souls only truly care about how deeply we touch people’s lives and how we make a difference in the world.



So keep shining and reaching for the stars...

and never stop doing you...

and keep being your beautiful self

so full of wonder and light!