The Soul Heals~Love Heals




For me Sacred spaces are external places outside of ourselves where we can embody things and bring the Sacred into the physical. I believe it is one of the many ways we can powerfully nourish and nurture the gateways to our Soul.




Beauty Is A Gateway To The Soul  

Anything that makes your heart open.... or puts you in a state of wonder... joy.... reverence... awe... and beauty often shows up  this way for us in many forms whether it is a sentimental picture of a special and Sacred time in our life... a beautiful shell from the sea... or a rose from our garden and/or something... anything else that opens us up or lights you from within in a beauty way is wonderful for your Sacred Space.  Beauty has many forms and ways it shows up in our lives and so it often does this and is always going to be a gateway to our Soul...  what ever lights you up in a beautify way.




Tending The Alter Of Your Soul

Tending to it like an alter because it is an alter to our Soul. imagine a Sacred space where you are using your physical energy to direct your connection with your Soul and the Sacred... the Divine..  So the more time and energy you spend with your Sacred space...   the more fueled with the Sacred energy it will become as it reawakens you... and reconnects you... with this Divine and Infinite space and all of the pure raw Beauty... Love... Joy... and Awe that already exists deep within you...  

The important thing is don't over think it, it doesn't have to be statues or anything expensive... you don't have to go out an buy something... You can create a beautiful Sacred spaces with what's you've already got around you.  Find things that move you and that is how you know it will nourish your Sacred space within.  It could be fallen leaves or a vase of flowers or even just loose petals from a flower from your garden... It could be herbs that you create a beautiful circle with a candle.  



Direct Your Sacred Energy~ Embody The Sacred

When you imagine your altar or another Sacred space you’ve got, what you’re really doing is using this physical space here on the Earth plane to direct your Soul's Sacred energy. It is a way to direct your connection with your Soul... the Divine... and the Sacred. Creating a Sacred space is a simple yet powerful act that can be very powerful and healing.  It is a place devoted to the part of you that whispers...calls... longs for... and yearns. A space that acts as a gentle invitation to the Universe to align with you and support you. Sacred spaces are places where we can not only effortlessly connect with but also embody the Sacred.



It’s where we bring the Sacred into the physical.  

Our Sacred space is where we can find ourselves over and over again. 



Don’t overthink that it has to have certain statues or that you have to go out to buy something for it. You can create beautiful Sacred spaces with things around you. You can use special gifts from the sea like beach stones, shells, or even petals, fallen leaves from your garden, or even herbs that have gone out of date and put them into a beautiful circle with a candle in the middle. It doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. You can use the elements too along with the objects and things you have around you.  Your Sacred space can take up an entire room, be on a shelf, window sill, table, bedside table or anywhere that you can gather a couple of small objects. It could even be in your garden, or inside a drawer.




There is no right or wrong way to create this space. What is most important is the devotion you bring to it as you create it and tend to it.