The Soul Heals~Love Heals




 Creating an altered space through altar work is one of my favorite ways to consciously continue to re~weave the Sacred back into everyday life and can also be a really creative... and fun way of focusing your intention and your light as a powerful way to set the tone for the day... to tune into before and after a healing session... and/or when we feel lost... alone.... and/or in a place of great uncertainty.   I’ve found over many years of doing this, that an altar is a really beautiful and powerful way to ground my Soul’s deepest prayer and wishes for the coming day.... and even the coming months... and year.



What is an altar?

An altar is a physical space that you have specifically created in a Sacred place in your home by gathering objects that bring your intentions to life... and help keep you grounded... and feeling supported as you navigate the interior of the unknown... the unexpected... and all of life's uncertainty's with a little more Divine Grace and Ease.  


For me, I like to think of it as me powerfully creating a lighthouse for myself, that is helping me to navigate all of the many twists and turns of... including life’s challenges... as a means to keep me steady as I journey through all of the different waters and weather of my coming day... months... and even year.

There is no right or wrong way to create an altar, but when you’re using one to create a vision for your day or even year ahead, it can be really beautiful to tune in to your interior and allow yourself to be guided in the process. However, what’s most important is the devotion you bring as you create it and tend to it.. and hold it just as tenderly if you were tending to your Soul.



Because altar work is an active process~ it is like a garden that requires Sacred honoring... and tending to... with intention... and attention... just like any your vision you may have does.



It Is Not Necessary Or Needed

But Many People Find It Very Powerful To Use These Things

As A Beautiful Way To Connect With Their Alter Everyday

And Enhance The Energies:

Purifying, Cleansing, Clearing, Increases Relaxation:



Palo Santo (Grief)



Bees Wax Candles




Organic Chemical Free Essential Oils


Flower Essences

Space Clearing Aura Protection

Leading Light

Sacred Heart Formula


Grief Relief


Crystals/Gem Stones

Prayer Beads/Rosaries


Special Totems or items that you may have been gifted to you or you may even have found in nature that may be Sacred or have a spiritual meaning or significance for you.  


(For me personally I only use candles that are made from pure bees wax, and have lead free wicks...  and I only use organic chemical free essential oils.  If you are not aware of this, I highly encourage you to please do your own research and tune in to your own resonance about this)