The Soul Heals~Love Heals

Your Joy Matters








Dear Beautiful Soul,

You matter...

Your feelings matter...

Your Peace matters...

Your love matters...

Your JOY matters...


You deserve inner peace...

you deserve love... and you deserve joy...

it does not matter who you are

or what you have said or done in your lifetime

it does not not matter how deserving or worthy you feel you are.


Joy is the Universe flowing through us

and is available to you each and every day,

it is separate from your life circumstances.

There is nothing in the Universe that needs to change for you to deserve it

or experience it.  

There is truly nothing that could change outside of you that would bring you,

this joy that is your nature

It is the Divine flowing through you

and it is your Sacred and Divine birthright.


The only thing that needs to shift is embracing the deep inner knowing that your true nature is joy.


You may have forgotten this along the way.


Let us together, 

help you remember

the Divine truth of you and your joy

that already exists deep within you.

I’m so delighted and excited to walk this journey together, and I’m overjoyed that you are here.