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Thank you, thank you, thank you Amy!!

The container that you held for me yesterday was just so beautiful and safe.  I really feel so much opened up and may still be opening. I really appreciate you and your work - it is so powerful and healing.  Please know that I really honor you and your gifts! I keep thinking about how easy it was to be with you in that space and how safe and trusting you were and are.  Thank you again so much!!  Sending you all the best blessings and appreciation for all that you helped me give to myself!!  And to the give of healing that you gave me too.



Amy B Martin 



Awaken The Divine Within





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Reconnecting You With The Divine And Sacred Alignment

Of Who You Really Are

And Who Your Soul Is Calling You To Be In This Lifetime.​​



Amy’s heart centered intuitive gifts allows her to facilitate massive change for her clients resulting in feeling a deeper sense of inner peace that effortlessly creating more space for them to begin living a deeper more peaceful conscious heart centered life.




Highly in demand, Amy has a large international clientele and has worked with thousands of people worldwide.


Amy helps people call back their spirit and reconnect with the Divine Light… Inner Peace…and Joy of their Souls Inner healer that already exists within them…so they can really feel and remember the truth of who they are and the sacred Alignment of who their Soul is calling them to be in this lifetime really are beyond any limitations or dis~ ease.



Amy's clients often say what makes her so unique

is that she has the gift of a non judgmental heart… 

and that it is healing for them even when she just listens… 

but her clients say they receive so much more!


Her clients also say that she has such a beautiful way of helping people reconnect with who they are on a Soul level, as well as, feel safe feeling whatever is going on inside of themselves... her healing sessions are deep and powerful and helps to bring a sense of calm and deep inner peace so they can navigate whatever they are going through with as much grace and ease as possible. 


All sessions are guided by love, every one is special to your needs and specific to what you are trying to nourish in your life. 

We will connect before the healing so I can align the healing session with your unique needs. 


*We will be holding the deep and Sacred honoring of you and your healing process.


People often feel a harmonious feeling of well being in bodymind and spirit.


Your Calling Is Sacred

Nothing Is More Sacred Than Being YOU!


Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner
Full Spectrum Energy Healing Practitioner
Specializing In
Long Distance Energy Healing Sessions Since 2009

 Amy B Martin is basically an Angel on this earth here to help us regular folks feel infinitely better as we navigate these times!  You are in the most amazing hands with Amy.  She is loving and her remote healings are deep and she literally helps me to step into my power and she helps me feel that I am not insane!  She helps me to understand what is happening and why with love and compassion. 



I have come to draw you out of yourself and take you into my heart. I have come to bring out the beauty you never knew you had, and lift you like a prayer to the sky. ~Rumi

Ask Me How You Can Work With Me As A VIP

So You Can Feel Softly Held, Honored And Loved

As We Gently Draw You Out Of Yourself

And We Bring Out The Beauty...Boundless Joy... And Love...

That You Never Knew You Even Had

As We Lift You Up Like A Prayer To The Sky!


While Leaving More Money In Your Pocket!


I Only Have A Small Handful Of

VIP Spots Open Right Now!​




Long Distance Healing Sessions Can Take Place 

From Literally Anywhere In The World!


I Work With Beautiful Souls Like Yourself From All Over The World
And So My Calendar Tends To Fill Up Fast
So Be Sure To Connect Now!
Session Hours Are Offered During The Week
And With Notice Can Be Somewhat Flexible
Depending On The Week  
If There Is A Holiday And/Or I Plan To Be Away
I Will Be Sure To Give You Notice
And Offer You An Option 
To Get Your A Session Before That Time!  
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I Look Forward To Hearing From You!







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And Your Beautiful Soul Soon!


If this is calling you as of right now I still have a couple VIP spots left for this year.


Please email me at and let me know~ I would love nothing more than to have the honor to hold you Sacredly... and guide you... and anchor this vibration in for you with healings until you are able to hold it on your own.


Take my hand and let me guide you there!







*When your session is complete it is highly recommended if you can allow yourself some free time afterwards to integrate the healing and time to breathe and just "be" in this deeper feeling space before stepping back into your life and your "to do” lists.


*The healings can be very deep and powerful and people find that it can sometime take several days to fully integrate. 



 * It can be very supportive and nourishing if you can allow yourself this quiet time after your session to journal about how you are feeling and reflect on any Aha’ moments to help anchor the healing in at a much deeper level.




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