The Soul Heals~Love Heals







Amy B Martin is basically an Angel on this earth here to help us regular folks feel infinitely better as we navigate these times!  You are in the most amazing hands with Amy.  She is loving and her remote healings are deep and she literally helps me to step into my power and she helps me feel that I am not insane!  She helps me to understand what is happening and why with love and compassion. BL





Imagine how different your life would be one year from now receiving regular healing sessions once a month, twice a month or even sometimes on occasion even 3 or 4 times a month as needed when life gets challenging and stressful?!  


What would be possible for you?! 


Let Me Walk With You Hand In Hand

And Soul To Soul 


While We Call Back Your Spirit

And Reconnect You With The Divine Within

That Already Exists Deep Within You


All sessions are guided by love, every one is special to your needs and specific to what you are trying to nourish in your life. 

We will connect before the healing so I can align the healing session with your unique needs. 


*We will be holding the deep and Sacred honoring of you and your healing process.


*Each session builds upon the last to Awaken YOU To The Divine Joy Light Love Within and the deeper and deeper layers of who you really are.. when you embody your SOULS GIFTS... and your very reason for being here on the planet. 



 Full Spectrum Healings help to keep your energy resilient, aligned and healed as you move through the deep transformational inner work many of you are already doing... it is the perfect compliment!  
~Margaret Lynch Raniere 





After one session many of my clients are already beginning to take in and really feel in their body how they can deeply benefit from doing regular healing sessions and how they can effortless support them in energetically in feeling more and more in alignment with themselves... reconnecting them to that part of themself who is already whole and complete... that already exists deep within them.


Being you is your Sacred and Divine Birthright


Each session helps to anchor in the feeling of fulfilling your desire as you continue to reach for the REAL you... as you keep stretching... growing... evolving and expanding into the part of you that you love the most! 


Each session builds upon the last, and we will continue calling back your Spirit as you reawaken more and more to your Souls gifts and reconnect wIth the Divine Light... Love AND Joy that already exists deep within you… and you are reconnecting with the Divine and Sacred alignment of who you really are and who your Soul is calling you to be in this lifetime. 




There Is Also Never Ever ANY Pressure


As I Realize That This Is Not For Everyone


And Either Way

No Matter How Long

OR How Short

A Client Feels Called

To Connect With Me



There Is No Greater Honor For Me

To Be Able To Connect With You

And Your Beautiful Soul

In What Ever Amount Of Sacred Healing Time

You Are Called To Be Here With Me

And We Spend Together....





I have come to draw you out of yourself and take you into my heart. I have come to bring out the beauty you never knew you had, and lift you like a prayer to the sky. ~Rumi



You Know This Is For You


*If You Have LOVED The Healing Sessions We Have Already Done Together~And You Feel Called To Do More And Receive More.. Because You Felt The Deep Healing Benefits.



If I Offered To Be There With You

Every Step Of The Way


And You Knew You Could Have Me Right There With You

Via Email/Text In Between Sessions


To Hold You In A Very

Safe... Gentle... Loving Container



And You Knew That We Would Meet Regularly 


And Each Time We Met 

We Would Be Holding A Deep

And Sacred Honor Of YOU and Your Journey


And We Held You In A Deep And Soul Nourishing Container

That Effortlessly Created A Gentle Loving Space

For You To Re~Awaken To That Most AUTHENTIC And 


That Is Your Divine Birthright 



And You Knew Each Time We Connected

We Would Be Reconnecting You 

With This Divine And Sacred Part Of You



That Part Of You, You Love The Most 

And Who Is Still There 

 Just Deeply Hidden 

But Longing To Be Called Forward To Be Seen

In A Bigger... Brighter More Beautiful Way



And You Knew I Would Be Right There With You

Softly Holding And Honoring 

These Parts Of You


 Until You Could Hold Them All On Your Own...



So You No Longer Felt

Empty... Lost... Anxious... Fearful... Or Alone



And Instead You Began To Feel More

Connected... Open... Vibrantly Alive...  

And Overflowing With A Sense Of

Deep Inner Peace, Beauty, Wonder, Love, Awe And The Joy Of Life



 Would You Take Your First Step

In Consciously Creating And Living

More Sweetness In Your BEST And Most BEAUTIFUL Life?


Would You Say Yes To You

Knowing The YOU Really Really Matter...

And That Your Love Matters...

And  All Of Your Joy Matters...

And Being Able To Enjoy

All Of The Sweetness Of Life 

Really Really Matters.?!





IF You Can Answer YES To This

AND This Is Calling You 

Than This Is For You!





I just completed working with a couple of my VIP clients

and so I have a small handful of slots still open for this year.


But Space Is Limited And They Won't Last Long!



If this is you, and you can feel the pull of your Soul and that still small voice within you. please email me at ASAP and let me know~ I would love nothing more than to walk this Sacred Soul journey with you and have the deep and Sacred honor of holding you Sacredly... and guiding you... and anchoring this vibration in for you with healings and create this space for you until you are able to fully hold it all for yourself on your own.





Some People Refer To Full Spectrum Healings

 As Reiki On Steroids Because It Is Equivalent To

20 Different Healing Modalities All In One

That Assist In

Restoring Your Body, Mind And Soul


Activating An Internal Reset Button


Helps You Innerstand Your Energy Body More Fully


Gently Calling Back Your Spirit And Whispering To Your Soul Reminding You Of The Truth Of Who You Really Are


All Helping You Expand Beyond Any Hard Wired Programming And Dis~Ease in The Body, Mind And Spirit   


Reconnecting You With Your Soul And The Most Powerful

And Authentic Version Of You!

And So Much More!


"Full Spectrum Healings help to keep your energy resilient, aligned and healed as you move through the deep transformational inner work you are already doing in my programs, it is the perfect compliment!”  ~Margaret Lynch Raniere 


The goal of each full spectrum healing is not simply to relieve feelings of sadness, fear or pain but to create a deep sense of harmony within so you can begin living a more expanded, vibrant, peaceful and joyful heart centered life.



Each healing is specifically attuned to you and your needs and we will work with each specific chakra to facilitate massive change by literally rebuilding your Temple of Divinity from the ground up

and gently but powerfully opening up

your empowerment and manifestation channels.


Because we have 7 chakras

a healing package of at least a minimum of 8 sessions

is usually highly recommended to receive the full effect and an integration. 


 We will be holding a very deep and Sacred honoring of you and your healing process and all you have been through that has Brought you to where you are today throughout our time together. . 


Each healing session we will focus your healing on rebuilding each of your chakras ground up.  


We will do this by gently exploring these wounds and traumas and where you feel them in your nervous system… and where you feel it in your body, so we can begin to hold Sacred space for these littlest parts of you until your littlest you feels safe to holding all these parts of yourself as we unwind, 


I have some really beautiful and powerful healings that actually assist in energetically healing, releasing, grounding, restructuring, rebuilding and energizing each of your chakras as we call back more and more of your spirit.







*Reconnect With The Divine Light... Love AND Joy That Already Exists Within You..

And That Is YOU! And That Divine And Sacred Light  That Has Always Been YOU!



**If you loved the healing sessions you have already had with me and the healing work we have done together resonates with you deeply...

 *If you are a coach or a healer already in a transformational healing program and you would like to feel held and loved as you go deeper into your own  healing journey...

*If you have have already done a lot of deep inner healing work and you want to go deeper because you want to shine brighter...

***You feel called to Reconnect With And Feel The Whispers Of The Still Small Voice Of Your Soul And The Divine Light That IS Your Sacred Self

*You Feel Deeply Called To Continue Stretching And Growing And Reconnecting With Deeper Levels Of The Divine Light... Love AND Joy That Already Exists Within You.. .And That Is YOU And That Divine And Sacred Light That Has Always Been YOU!




Take my hand

and let me have the honor of walking with you and guiding you there,  

You Deserve All OF This And So So Much More!

You Are Worth It!

So Much Love,




Session Hours Are Offered During The Week
And With Notice Can Be Somewhat Flexible
Depending On The Week  
If There Is A Holiday And/Or I Plan To Be Away
I Will Be Sure To Give You Notice
And Offer You An Option 
To Get Your A Session Before That Time!  



*I understand that Energy healing is a simple, gentle, long distance and also hands-on energy technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation. Energy Healing practitioners do not diagnose conditions nor do they prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. 

Energy healing does not take the place of medical care. It is recommended that I see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment I may have.   Energy Healing can beautifully and powerfully complement any medical or psychological care you may be receiving, knowing that the body has the ability to heal itself and to do so, complete relaxation is often beneficial.

Long term imbalances in the body sometimes require multiple sessions in order to facilitate the level of relaxation needed by the body to heal itself.


Amy B Martin is not a doctor or a therapist and she makes no promises, claims, guarantees or representations regarding medical diagnosis and/or medical treatment, and is neither diagnosing, preventing nor treating specific mental, emotional and/or health challenges, therefore payments are non refundable. The healings Amy offers help to charge, restructure, clear, ground and energize each of the energy centers so you can begin to feel connected to your life and your purpose again.  Healings are about helping you feel your deeper Soul inner purpose and calling and feel that connection with your life, balancing, aligning and supporting your nervous system allowing you to remember who you really are and what it feels like to be you at the deepest level.  Sessions have the potential and ability to compliment most medical care that is already being given and although they can work beautifully together, it is never advised to be used in replacement of medical supervision and care from your primary doctor or therapist. 


*I understand and am fully aware that energy healing practitioners do not diagnose illness, disease or mental disorders nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. I acknowledge Amy B Martin is not a licensed physician or psychologist. I understand that energy healing does not take the place of medical care. It is recommended that I see a licensed medical professional for any physical or psychological ailment I may have. I understand that energy medicine healing can complement any medical or psychological care I may be receiving, but is not a substitute for nor take the place of care. I acknowledge that long term imbalances in the body sometimes require multiple sessions in order to facilitate the level of relaxation needed by the body to release and heal itself. I understand that I am entitled to stop a healing session at any time, with or without cause. I release Amy B Martin from any and all claims of liability, malpractice, or lack of informed consent. I understand that this session(s) will not heal or cure me and that I am responsible for my own healing. I understand that Amy is trained to hold a powerful intention for every healing for my highest and best good, and that a deep and Sacred and Safe space is always being held for me at all times. Privacy Notice: No information about any client will be discussed or shared with any third party without written consent by the client.